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    Thanks loads for posting that extra info!



    Here is some additional information regarding the Codman HAI Pump.

    The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation reached out to the Codman Pump manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson/Cerenovus, and learned the following:

    Some components necessary to its manufacture are apparently no longer available in the market, which is why the Codman Pump has been discontinued.  Cerenovus is currently engaging with the FDA and the medical community to urgently identify alternatives.  One potential alternative involves combining a Cerenovus catheter with a pump produced by another company.  Cerenovus will continue providing accessories and refill kits needed for patients with Codman Pumps, and will also continue to offer clinical and technical support to physicians and patients.

    Cerenovus can be reached at the following 24-hour contact numbers:  for clinical support 800-660-2660 and for customer service 800-225-0460.

    The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation will continue its advocacy on this important patient concern, and we will keep you updated as more information is available.


    May 10, 2018

    Dear Patients and Caregivers,

    I wanted to bring to your attention an article that was written in the New York Times April 25th, 2018. Many of you may be familiar with the HAI pump or know of someone who has one. What this article didn’t mention is the direct effect the discontinuation of this pump will have on our present and future cholangiocarcinoma patient population.

    We have several patients who are doing very well on the pump, so well in fact, that several of the physicians who use the pump state it would be a huge blow to our patient options and care, some have stated that it has doubled the life expectancy of CCA patients who are using it. Dozens of surgeons have been trained on this surgical technique based on the excellent outcomes seen in patients.

    Discontinuing the production of this device has effectively shut down several clinical trials for our patients, which would have created access to this life extending device.

    We have contacted Johnson & Johnson/Cerenovus and asked them to keep manufacturing this product until an alternative solution can be found. We would appreciate you contacting them also and voicing your concern or sharing your experience with the HAI pump. Together we will have a better chance of affecting a change in their current stance.

    Please contact Mindy Tinsley at Johnson & Johnson/Cerenovus:



    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you,

    Melinda Bachini

    Advocacy Coordinator



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