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    Aw, Jen, you always go right to my heart. You know I believe strongly and if it gets us through the toughest days so be it! I go to a Psychic too, same one for 22 years and she has said things no one knew except me. Good to hear about the girls and YIPPEE for your Sister.
    Teddy’s 1st Great Grandchild was born 2 years after he passed. A boy who was 5 days overdue. I used to say he was playing with Great Grandpa. He is now 2 1/2 and I tell you his little body is short like T and he deff has his build, arms and legs. He is very agile and LOVES sports on TV just like his GG. Everything has to have some kind of sports ball. He smiles from ear to ear and is a charming little man just like GG. Believe? Heck yes. I miss you also and weirdly my worse year was last year. Sometimes I think we have delayed reactions. Just everyone stay healthy and you have double the fun to look forward to with your Sister! Good to see you as usual! Love you!


    This post has me grinning foolishly with watery eyes this morning Lainy. Worthy of a response for sure! Glad to hear you have found someone that sounds so fantastic!

    I know I don’t post often anymore. Still on here almost daily, keeping up on everything, but this year was the roughest of my mourning, and I cried enough reading posts, responding to them would have done me in! I missed Dad more then the day he died this last year or so. It’s getting better, I think putting his ashes in their final resting place helped on the anniversary. As did a few visits my Mom and sister had with a medium where he came through VERY loud and VERY clear. Even ordered that Michelle “give his baby girl (me) a hug from him, because she so needs it”. And I did. He also acknowledged my sweet girl, Alyssa Breh, the fact that she was named after him (Breh – Herb (my Dad) spelt backwards), and was told that there is a very strong connection between them. Not just a name, but he died and a part of him lives on in her. Apparently we will see him in her more then any other of the grandchildren. I believe it, I see him in her eyes every day and she has just recently started the same things Katelyn did right after he passed… peek-a-boo, laughing and waving at a spot in her room. Amazing. Other exciting news is that after years of trying and treatments, my sister is expecting… TWINS! Found out on Good Friday after days of dreams of her sitting with Dad and him telling her it would all work out, and is due Christmas Day. Now, tell me Dad didn’t have something to do with THAT timing!

    I love you and miss you Lainy (and everyone else), but I’m still here. Just a bit more quiet :)

    Have a lovely day, my CC family!



    Yippeee…..come visit in Ohio with your extra time!!!


    Well chuffed for you Lainy! And as for finding other things to do, I am sure that you will, but please find other things to do apart from cleaning!!




    Duke, you always crack me up! We had moved out here to an adult community about 18 years ago and so for 15 years we both sang in the Temple Choir on Friday nights. Teddy had a beautiful Tenor voice and then there is Alto me. He sang the phonetic Hebrew then on Sunday morning went to St. Vincent’s Catholic Church for Mass. I used to say he was asking forgiveness for singing in the Jewish choir. Then the Priest finally told him he wanted equal time so he sang in both choirs. Funnier yet…he would take off work to sing for the High Holy Days (Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur). Well after services on those Holidays the Rabbi would stand at the door and greet everyone. OK, so….Good Yontiff means happy holy day and the Rabbi would see Teddy and start laughing as every year T would say, “Good Yontiff from the Pontiff”. Such was our Religious Holidays as we celebrated everything!


    Yeah, but I bet you traded in some 40 year olds for a thirty year old. I hope your insurance company sends you a thank you card for cutting expenses.

    I love to sing, but have many stories why I only do it in the shower (and that even backfired on me once).

    In eighth grade I was forced to try out for choir – and was rejected.

    I sang to my kids almost every night to put them to sleep. I can sing “We Three Kings” in one note – probably one that doesn’t even show up in the score. When they woke up in the middle of the night my wife sent me to sing them to sleep. When I sing it at church, my wife starts to yawn.

    The shower thing. I was in a shower in college, singing away. Someone snuck in and recorded me. After I got back to my room, someone knocked on the door to invite me down to a bull session in the RA’s room. A few minutes into it they started the tape. Most embarrassing thing was that I didn’t recognize my voice at first. What are friends for if not to humble you?



    Oh Lainy….here I go again…..tears streaming down my face….I am so glad for you. This is going to make your stay-cation even more special.

    I was just talking to Allen last night…about how all the appointments…and questionaires and forms are eating up our lives. Good for you…that you’ve streamlined everything. Sounds like a GREAT GP.

    You know…you inspired me…..I’m thinking that maybe I may try to sing this Christmas too. It’s about time.

    Iowa Girl


    Tuesday I went to my new GP and he spent an hour just talking with me! Honest, he was doing most of the talking. The following is the short and sweet of it.
    Why do I go an Endocrinologist? I was sent to him after I developed a nodule on my Thyroid which has not changed in 3 years so I go every 3 months for that and Diabetes. He says Diabetes is his forte and he can get me my scans for the Thyroid. Scratch the Endo
    Why do I go to cardio 2 X a year? Because of the stress I was in. He says I can watch that too. Scratch the Cardio!
    Why do I go to the ONC who has let me slip through the cracks? He can order the MRI when the ONC Surgeon wants them. Scratch the ONC
    Bingo, bango I now have just the GI and the GP. He also said that aside from the Colitis I am in great shape for my age, physically and mentally.
    Do you know how many appointments this knocks out? I have to now find things to do! On the way home I felt this huge weight lift right up. I even joined a group of old friends for dinner last night where we lived before as it was someone’s Birthday and decided to go back to choir in September to sing for the High Holidays. Since my bad moments are in the morning now and not all day I can do the choir. Last night I went to sleep repeating, “life is for the living”.

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