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    Hi Don –
    You already got the answer about he mm to cm ration. The mL or ml is usually referred to as milliliters and is used to measure liquids. On one of my husband’s CT’s they used ml’s to quantify the amount of ascites they thought he had. I would think that they were using ml’s to estimate some sort of fluid collection but without seeing the report I wouldn’t say for sure.
    And second, third and even fourth opinions are wonderful. Keep us posted on how you are doing.



    Adjuster….10mm equal 1 centimeter. And, dear adjuster, all questions posed are considered to be of importance to you and to us. We also have to remember that plate thickness of scan equals 1 cm hence, we really don’t know what is hiding beneath.


    Hi, Don,

    As I wrote to you on the other message, 1cm=10mm,so mm is 10 times smaller than cm;and good news to you.
    mL may refer to the volume of the tumor(lengthxwidethxthickness),but I am not sure about it. mL is not that often mentioned in the CT scan reports that I come across with.
    and since your oncologist had told you about his comment on your scan.I will not attempt to do otherwise.

    God bless.


    I’ve only recently been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma and have only very recently begun to participate in your boards and am sill trying to educate myself so I apologize if my question today is very basic –
    It appears to me that most CT report posts on these boards refer to tumor sizes as being in the cm ranges – However, my two CT reports refer to my tumor sizes as being in the mm ranges – It’s been a long time since I finished college but I assume mm still refers to millimeters and cm still refers to centimeters – When I first started reading these boards I assumed the mm measurements were smaller than the cm measurements but I’m now confused and would appreciate it if soneone would be kind enough to clarify the situation for me –
    Also, there are a couple of references to mL measurements in my reports and I don’t understand that term either – Any help you can give me in understanding these terms would be most helpful –
    Finally, I am taking the advice of those who suggested I get other opinions and am today picking up copies of my medical files to be used in getting those second and third opinions –
    Thanks to you all for your kind acceptance of newbies such as myself and for your wonderful encouragement and assistance in helping me understand the things I need to know in dealing with this new development in my life –

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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