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    Jen, baby Alex Joseph sounds perfect. I loved what your Dad said when he viewed the video and that he had a message for your sister made me well up. I am so proud of your family. To have something beautiful happen ton your family at this point is a small miracle. I’m glad that your dad will be feeling better soon, too. I know you will be taking lots of pictures soon.

    Lainy, you and Teddy have been on my mind for days. I come to this site several times a day to see if you’ve posted. I am sure everyone else does too. I hope everything goes well with your Hospice meeting today. I know you will post soon. Lots of love and the best of thoughts for you and Teddy.


    Congratuilations Auntie Jen!!! I love the name Alex, it is such a strong name. My Grandfather was Alex and my Granddaughter (only one, other 5 are boys )
    is Alexis. Enjoy and I am elated that Grandpa was able to be a part of it. As a Grandparent I cannot tell you enough how magnificent being a Grandparent is. The other day my Granddaughter e mailed me from College (1st year) that she thought I was the best Grandma in the whole world! My heart is bursting.
    I hope dad does well with the drain but I wouldn’t worry about the G.B. surgery if it comes to that. Especially if they do a key hole surgery. Of course I was in good health when I had mine, but its still not a bad one to heal from.
    Teddy has now slept round the clock for 4 days. Getting up just to take a P.He is having more pain and I am trying to keep it under control, so far so good. He is eating almost nothing and has not moved his bowels for 4 days. Today is the big talk with the Hospice Nurse. Unfortunately its a young one and I hope she responds like our regular Nurse who knows we are ready for this move. One of my girlfriends volunteers at this Hospice and even told me which rooms to ask for. When his kids call he doesn’t want to talk and just says hello and I love you. Does not watch TV anymore nor talk to me unless I ask him a question. I am doing good actually, just as long as he is peaceful, I am fine. Really.
    As for the Fentenyl T is wearing 2 patches, each one is 100 mg and then he takes a break through of Oxycodone 4 mg every hour or as needed.
    He is feeling nauseous more often but the Compazine is wonderful.
    Hoping dad has a good day today and I hope you are getting some rest.


    Thank you all for the well wishes, the thoughts, and the prayers… I am sure they were heard!! Baby (Alex Joseph – Joseph being Dad’s middle name) is wonderful. I spent some time with him today and am so in love…. he is too precious and beautiful for words. They are monitoring him closely in NICU, but he is doing very well.

    Dad found out today and we videotaped it so my sister could see his reaction. It was fantastic. He just kept saying “Oh my, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my”…. then he said that life was perfect and nothing could be better. It was such a great moment. He looked into the camera and said a little message for my sister, which I’m sure she will cherish always. Not 2 minutes after hearing the news, they came to take him for his procedure. I’m sure it gave him a bit of fighting spirit.

    The procedure – they decided to try to put a drain into the gallbladder, much the same as the one he already has in the duct. They were hoping this would drain much of the bile and infection, rather then doing an operation since they will have to open him up and the recovery is difficult for a healthy person, let alone someone in his condition. It didn’t seem to be working very well by the time I left, but hopefully is by now. If not, they are willing to do surgery and Dad is willing to take the risk to have it done. According to his oncologist, the cancer is very stable and his scans have not changed in the 3 months since stopping chemo. She believes if it wasn’t for his current problems, he still has some quality time to be had at home. This was good to hear, and we hope that should surgery be required, the recovery isn’t too difficult on Dad. I guess we’ll see tomorrow how the new drain is doing.

    Lainy — how is Teddy? Was last night peaceful for him? Hoping and praying for another good night. So glad the fentenyl is working. It’s finally helping Dad, although he is on an incredible amount of it. Seeing him sleeping because he is on so many meds is much better then the pain he was in, so we’ll take it!

    Andie – thinking of you and your Dad, always. Hope he is still doing okay.

    Everyone else – again, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers – you all mean so much to me, even though we’ve never met.

    Thinking of you all…



    A baby, just in time to prove love and life go on. Congratulations and best wishes for all of the family and Grandpa also. This will surely lift his spirits.


    Hi Jen,
    What fantastic news, you all were hoping for it and for some reason your wish has been granted. He really will do wonders for your dad, my baby did just after my dad had surgery. Hope baby is doing ok, can’t wait to hear what your dad thinks.
    My friend had a baby on the day my grandma died, in the same hospital – I thought at the time ‘I wonder if they pass somewhere and have a chat’.
    Congratulations to your family


    Hi Jen

    God has truly spoken, congratulations. Relieved that they have found the cause of your dad’s pain. Keep strong.

    Lots of love



    Hi Auntie Jen!!

    I have just read your news and the tears are streaming down my face! How wonderful.

    I’m hoping your Dads surgery goes well today and I’m so glad that they have found out the cause of your Dads pain and have been able to control it, I will be thinking of you all. What a lovely suprise and pick me up a new Grandson will be for your Dad. Children are definatley the best medicine.

    Sending lots of love to you and your family,

    Andrea xx


    Praying for your dad’s surgery tomorrow (hopefully) and relief from his pain. I am so thankful that he can share in your joy of the new baby. God is amazing and I am glad he chose to bless your family with the baby a little early. Praying for good health for the baby and comfort for dad. Blessings, Susan


    Aunt Jen,

    Congrats!!! I am so glad the baby is fine. I hope everything works out as it should. I am so glad the pain is controlled and hope surgeryis in the works if need be.

    We are very lucky my dad survived all his post-Whipple complications, but my sister gave birth one floor above my dad, who was in CICU. The nurses were so sweet. Oliver was only eight days early, so no worries there. We could not chance bringing Oliver into the CICU, so as soon as my dad was stable enough to be transferred onto a gurney, it took two nurses and three transport people, but we got him onto a gurney and all his lines and drains and got him into the hall to meet Oliver. We even piled several blankets into his lap in order to be able to swaddle Oliver for a few minutes. It was priceless!!!



    Aunti Jennifer, I share your joy. And for your Dad I am happy to hear that they have found the source of the pain. What joy the good news of the grandson will bring. I am thrilled for all. In midst of all this turmoil we see another bright light.
    Best wishes,



    I’m thinking of you and Teddy tonight. Is the fentanyl working pain wise? I hope that Teddy calms down and that he has a calm night.

    Hugs to you and Teddy,



    Dear Jen,

    I am so sorry to hear that your dad is having to deal with these pain issues, but I believe that being in the hospital is the best place right now and i am hoping that they can do something for this. It’s great to hear that they have figured out what is causing the pain so now I am keeping my fingers crossed that this can be fixed asap. And wow, your little nephew arrives today! And I know that he will bring all of you so much joy!

    My best wishes, to all of your family Jen!



    Any names picked out?

    Jen, I think tonight will be another overnight on the couch. I don’t like what I am seeing or hearing. Teddy is seeing too many people who have passed. He is also at a point where he cannot separate his dreams from reality. And he is getting very anxious tonight. I just gave him some Haldol and I hope it quiets him down. Hospice comes tomorrow.
    I am so excited about the baby!


    Surgery will not be tonight, which is okay. He is sleeping peacefully with little pain, and a little button to push when he needs a bit extra medication. I love my nephew for the joy he will bring my family right now – so wonderful.


    A BABY!!! What is better than that for anyone! Let us know right away!
    I am so glad they found the problem and I can tell you first hand that Gall Bladder pain is excruiating! So glad he finally got he right meds. It will be a long night for you, hang in.

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