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    Hi Everyone,

    I haven’t posted in a while but do read your posts daily, and think of you all often. Time for a Dad update, unfortunately not the best of updates either. He’s been having an okay time the last month – although he has been sleeping a lot of the time and not eating much, he had (until 5 days ago), been pain free.

    In the last 5 days, things seem to have gone downhill. He is barely awake, so isn’t eating much at all. His pain has been at a constant 3-4, even with increased pain medications. He has lost weight (he was at 124 last week, I can’t say what he would be at now). Scariest of all (in my mind), is that he is throwing up (which is not a symptom we have dealt with before), and every time he throws up (which is every time he eats anything), his external drains are filling with blood. Has anyone ever heard of this before??

    He is in the hospital now – another sign we know that things are getting bad is when he allows Mom to call his oncologist. He doesn’t even like to bother his home-care nurse unless absolutely necessary. We don’t know much yet, but they are hydrating him (which is desperately needed), and watching his pain. He did have some tests today, but no results yet. Funny thing is, he has been in no pain today. He threw up everything he had eaten just before heading to the hospital, and then got to the hospital pain-free for the first time in days. He did throw up again tonight as soon as he ate. He is not feeling nauseous, but hopefully they can prescribe something to help with it regardless.

    Hopefully this isn’t a sign that things are starting to progress, and they can figure out what is causing the new symptoms. I guess we will see what the weekend brings.

    Hope you are all doing well – if any of you have heard of the blood in the tubes, please let me know – it’s not something I can recall ever reading about.

    Love from me, Mom and the rest of our family…


Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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