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    Wayne…. sorry to hear your wife has to fight this horrible disease. You have probally heard this before but it is so true . Everyone responds dufferently to differentt chemos. The Only thing I can say is Iv’e tried many different combinations and 5-Fu and Oxalplatin I did get some response but it was probally one of the most harsh combo of chemo I’Ve tryed. The bottom line is if you have a base line CT and blood work and after 3 treatments nothing good is happening you move on to try something else. Or if things appear to remain stable and CA-19-9 starts falling hang in for a while longer. I guess from my own experience I tried and if no good move on. I did not subject my body to chemo that was not working any longer than I have to. The chemo I’m trying currently Taxotere which is not even protocal has 2 more treatments to go and if nothing positive, I’ll stop it. Where I go from there depends on what’s new if any thing or try another off the wall hit and miss attempt. Another chemo that gave me some temp stabalizatio was 5-FU and cisplatin. It is so individual and a hard choice to make. Personally I have seen nothing chemo wise that has done all that much other than temp shrinkage or a few months stablization. Wish I could tell you there is a magical cure. I remain hopeful and until then I try new things and continue with my meditaion and visulization, Milk thistle, fish oil, and sylenneium.
    God Bless you guys!
    Jeff G.


    My wife is receiving DAVANAT and 5-FU. The DAVANAT works wonderfully but all that means is that the side effects are minimal and she is receiving huge doses of 5-FU (875mg/m). But the CA19-9’s are increasin and that may mean that the 5-FU is not working. Now we want to switch her into a new DAVANAT trial that adds Leucovorin and Avastin. The oncologist wants her to switch to FOLFOX (5-FU and Oxaliplatin) and quit the DAVANAT. I highly recommend DAVANAT but everyone reacts differently to the active chemo drug which in this case is 5-FU. Any thoughts are appreciated.


    All I know about danavat is that it is supossively an enhanced version of 5-FU.
    It also may be use with other chemos to try for a better delivery response.
    Jeff G.


    I have a question about Davanat – and was wondering if any of you would know …

    My sister has already been on Xeloda (the pill form of 5FU). It stopped working for her. Does this mean that Davanat would not work for her since the chemo that they use with is is 5FU?

    My sister is on her 4th round of chemo combinations (c 3 1/2 years since diagnosis!) – and they may be looking for something else. I was wondering if Davanat would be an option?



    Just wanted to let everyone know what I found out about the new Davanat trial. I spoke to Bryan Hamilton of Pro-Pharmaceuticals on Monday. My oncologist spoke to him as well. He said they were looking for newly diagnosed patients who have not had chemo for the cholangio trial which should be posted very soon on clinicaltrials.gov.

    Dr. Hamilton said there is not much of a track record for Davanat with cholangiocarcinoma, although the one woman who took it had good results. Dr. Hamilton also said that at the recent ASCO conference it was reported that Gemzar may be working better than originally thought. He encouraged me to stay with it at this time. My oncologist and I are keeping Davanat in mind for the future and possibly applying for compassionate use if my Gemzar doesn’t work out.

    If any newly diagnosed cholangio patients are reading this, I would encourage you to look into the Davanat trial.

    -Caroline Stoufer


    Hello everyone,

    As someone who has been following this company’s trials for several years I wanted to encourage everyone to visit the site of Pro-Pharmaceuticals to understand how their new “delivery system” works combat cancer.

    For those of you who are new to the site I would recommend reviewing the VIDEOS section first as I feel it will allow you to quickly grasp the concept of DAVANAT, and then proceed to their press releases as it applies to the results of their HUMAN TRIALS to date. What I think you will find will amaze you and your Doctor.

    What I think most will find amazing is that one person had their tumor reduced almost 50% in a case involving cancer of the colon, and in another case involving Cholangio Carcinoma, the person was alive 13+ months after begining treatment (they were only expected to live another 12 weeks. But please read the press releases in question.

    I am not a doctor or an employee of the company, but I am someone who has lost a number of my family members to various cancers over the years. My intent here is to spread the word that there may be hope at last.


    Mike C.

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