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    Celoi, Just to say a prayer is coming your way. I sincerely hope they get your Dad’s stents squared away and have him feeling better as soon as possible.
    Tell your Dad it’s time to down shift for some more power.
    Bless You Both,
    Jeff G.


    I hope all will be well cceloi. Do let us know.


    My husband had a septic reaction following the placement of his external liver drain…four days in ICU to control the fever, low blood pressure, and tachycardia(sp?). I’m happy to say he is finally home…hope your dad pulls through … I’ll hold your family close in thought and positive energy.


    I’m sorry to hear your father is in the hospital and in such pain. He seems to have been doing so well. I hope they figure out the source of the pain soon and he can return home. Tell him to keep up the good fight! I look forward to updates on your blog.


    My father is in the hospital and having many problems with stents. He had fever and shaking uncontrolable. The are doing test to see if there is an infection. We are hoping he is home soon.

    Cook Family

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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