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    Thank you everyone. You are all amazing. Yes my mother is Vancouver, BC and I live in Seattle (but I am always in Vancouver whenever I am not scheduled to work). She is a patient at BC Cancer Agency. Thank you Karen, for suggesting Bastyr. I will look into it. I will also look into getting a few opinions from oncology naturopaths in Vancouver. I just have to dig a bit to find who is reputable etc. I feel so rushed because time is not exactly on our side from the way it seems.

    Thank you all for being so kind and supportive. I would be lost without it.



    Fay…..I would do anything possible to ease the treatment effects and I would reach out to an integrative oncologist for consultation.

    Perhaps already you told me (either on this board or by private e-mail) but sorry for having to ask again: Is your Mom in care of a Regional Center of Excellence?



    I completely support the comments above, as my journey started visiting oncologists ,it made me sick. Yes, discouraged with disbelief of chemo as the first and standard treatment option. Hopefully all the advocacy groups can take a stand on more funding toward alternative research and treatment methods for cancer. Of course it is already being done with certain cancers, but more awareness and action needs to be taken in bile duct cancers. That is why all of us are here. We need to voice are opinions to oncologists and ask them where they see research heading for bile duct cancer and how effective has their treatments been with their patients.

    I would definitely seek the help of a naturopath also. It’s a support system meant to nourish the body and hopefully increase immunity.

    Keep us posted, and thanks for sharing.



    I am so sorry to hear this and wish that I could give you a hug, as I understand. I do not know how much help this may give you, but as you are in Seattle and your mother in B.C., have you thought to reach out to Bastyr? They do conduct clinical research on integrative oncology, and perhaps your mother could receive additional treatment along with her conventional treatment.




    Dear CC family,

    I just feel so incredibly heart heavy and came here to decompress. It’s hard to hold back the tears. My mother’s most recent CT is indicative of extensive local disease recurrence, down to her aorta. I want to throw up in my mouth because she had a high risk pathology report, and I spent the last several months, advocating for her for some sort of adjuvant therapy post resection and was brushed off by her oncologist. And now, now we have a recurrence and they are finally going to do something about it. The plan is to move forward with radiation and capecitabine, Monday to Friday for five weeks.

    My questions are if this is an effective first line regimen? My other question is if we should see a naturopath in case there are certain natural remedies that may enhance or optimize the killing effects of conventional therapy. I’m embarrassed to even ask this since I have an advanced degree in clinical pharmacy, but my knowledge of naturopathic options is limited. I’m desperate and grasping at straws here.

    Sending you all Much love,

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