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    You make good points about early dectection. Which also brings up another point about how long it takes to develop? It just seemed to happen so fast with my dad. Going from a complete physical and everything checking out okay, to two months later being diagnosed as terminally ill?! A lot to take in when you are looking at a 60 year old healthy man. Or even some of the other people on here even younger!


    Was on the Johns Hopkins discussion board and found an interesting item I wanted to share because it has been on my mind and I don’t seem to find much information about it. I do worry for our children as this disease is usually detected so late in its development.

    Vickey wrote this…..”My Mom died February 5, 2005 of BDC. My Doctor recently sent me for a gallbladder/liver sonogrm because he said that some studies showed a genetic link to the disease.
    Fortunately, everything was fine in my case. He said we would run the test again in about 3 years. “

    To which I replied….”Thank you for that post. I found it very informative. My husband was diagnosed with the dreadful BDC in October and we have been on that horrible roller coaster ride ever since. Through this period of time I had found out that his maternal grandfather had died of ‘inoperable liver cancer’ over in England. I asked my husband’s doctor if there was a genetic connection and was told ‘no’. I am glad you posted this so I can tell my daughter (and if or when she has children) what test to have done periodically to be on the defense because I thought the similarities between my husband and his grandfather were significant. “

    I do believe there is a genetic connection. Would welcome some fedback.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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