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    Glad Violarob that you are doing well and Jeff too. Very good with the “circling the drain” comment. Why don’t we say “we are being flushed down the drain but will come up with a gold chain?”


    Violarob in Texas…………. I hear what your saying my friend. Thanks for the encouragement and I just might try it. You never know? How has things been going for you just lately? Still maintaining that positive status with Tarceva? Certainly hope so.

    Let the Sun Shine!


    Dear Jeff: Glad to hear you have had a positive experience from EFT. Anything that spawns liberation from suffering is great, in my book!

    BTW, I know you are sick of chemo regimens, but I wish you would give Tarceva (erlotinib) a second look. It has been really beneficial for me and I have had no side effects from this drug. But hey, you have to be the captain of your own ship. Best of luck to you. Your continued posts have a great help and inspiration to me, especially in the beginning when the first round of docs gave up on me and I was sure that I was “circling the drain”….

    Keep on posting!

    Violarob in Texas


    EFT Sessions were discontinued per my request. Basically I have to much on my plate at this point and time. My family comes first and I appreciate Stacie and Randy being so understanding about the matter. I will say each session of EFT was extremely beneficial to me; Especially with guidance from Randy the EFT Practioner. I also want to thank Stacie for the offer to restart the study at a future date, when I feel things have slowed down. Again Thank You Randy for your superb guidance and Stace for your sharing and coordination. I will continue to practice EFT at home, as I have beyond doubt recieved emotional and physical benefit from this procedure. Get rid of those negative emotions and get all the energy flowing to help in a positive way. I recommend anyone giving it try. Just go to and download the basic recipe, learn the tapping points, and you will be surprized. The download is free and the instruction very easy to follow. Any one interested in one on one sessions, I would be more than happy to pass on Randy’s business number and e-mail, if he accepts out of state calls and okays it. I believe he has his own web site now as well. I know a few members, whom I have conversed with privately, would benefit immensely with a couple sessions with Randy. His method is so unique. Later alligator, After a while crocodile!

    God BlessYou all,
    Jeff G.

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