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    (Please see my 9/13/07 response to “sad and confused”).


    My oncologist said it is not genetic. Also no one in my family has ever had it that I know of.



    This is the summary of some of my research on cancer:

    Although, this doesn’t specifically answer your question, some of it does address it.

    It is all about the studies and how to fund such studies.

    There is very little research in re: to CC and I believe, these are some of the reasons:

    The problem with cancer is the way it is researched.
    In the past it was common for a clinician to come up with a hypothesis in re: to treatment and test it out in the lab. Not anymore. It requires large amounts of capital, which is almost impossible to come by and virtually nonexistent for anyone who has not spent his or her career in laboratory. (Researcher)

    I believe that most research is done by the drug companies thus leaving out the researcher or clinician with a great idea but who has now way of funding further investigations. (This includes large medical institutions)

    It takes about $1 billion dollars to bring a new drug to the market. The cost is staggering. So you can bet that there is not one pharmaceutical company willing to make this kind of investment without realizing a healthy return. They will try to bring a new drug on the market and have it patented in order to recoup their investment.

    There may very well be products out there already in use, not protected by a patent, which could be highly effective to the patient, and for minimal cost, but they have not been tested further since the money for clinical trials and other evolving costs will not justify the return on anyone


    Hi all,

    Is anyone able to tell me whether there is research/evidence that cholangio is a cancer that is genetic? That is, am I (or my brother and sister for that matter) more predisposed to cholangio because Mum developed it (Mum was diagnosed at age 54 in January this year and passed away in February)? None of the doctors I have asked really seem to know, although one of my doctors has suggested that I might consult with my Mum’s specialist and has even suggested that I might want to consider gallbladder removal! (Mum’s cancer is thought to have originated in her gallbladder).

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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