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    Linda…I have witnessed this with my husband and I recall postings on the subject of swallowing inabilities due to progressive disease. Hydration is of most importance – IV infusion (twice per week) worked best for my husband. Biotene gum may help with saliva production and although, controversial within the medical community, my husband benefitted from TPN as well. Although, we did not experience weight gain, it allowed him to stay viable.


    Linda, I don’t know if this will help as we are all different. Last Feb when I was in the Hospital for U.C. I could not stop the dry heaves. I told the Gastro guy and I said I felt I had a ping pong ball there. They advised me to eat VERY small bites of food, nothing rough and it did take almost a month but one day it was normal. With that said, I would still ask the Doc. Best of luck.


    LindaR –
    I would push the docs more to maybe get a CT scan if they have not then I would also see about a referral to someone who can do an upper scope, where they put a camera down and look at the entire esophagus. Sometimes pressure on the side of the esophagus can cause it to narrow or acid reflux can cause it to narrow too.
    Squeaky wheel gets greased. Keep calling, bugging and going in. You may have to push at your primary care doc who should make referrals to have it assessed.



    Hello all. My husband has been trying very hard to eat and maintain his weight but is experiencing the sensation of a lump in his throat that makes swallowing unpleasant. The doctor says his digestive problems are likely caused by pressure from his liver tumors on his stomach. (He is not currently on chemo or radiation so they are not factors here.) He takes Prilosec every day and we have tried tried Zofran, Ativan, small meals, warm liquids, and everything else I could think of but so far nothing has really helped. He drinks Boost and is able to manage yogurt, soup and a few other foods in order to meet minimum calorie needs but I would really like to see him enjoy eating again. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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