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    Thank you for the good wishes, Lainy, Marion and Tess.
    The radiologist removed 7.6 liters of ascites, but oh my, I feel so much better for the time being. I admire how you all post no matter how you are feeling. When I feel sick, I don’t even look at the site. Shame on me. It’s important to cheer someone else’s good news even if I am feeling like a crab. You are all supportive to all of us all the time, and I feel like I am supportive on my own conditions. I’m sorry. You are all so important to me.



    That’s great news Sophie and it does my heart good just to see your posting – as you are in my prayers & wonderful wishes are coming your way!

    Best to you….


    Sophie….I am so happy for you to have received the approval. And, thanks for putting out the word in re: to compassionate use. Amongst other reasons, the criteria for approval is based on household income. ($75 thousand).
    Sophie, I am hopeful for you to be feeling tons better following the removal of the fluid.


    OMG, Sophie. Every time I think really hard about you there you are with your smiling face! What good news that is and hope it helps you big time! Good to hear from you and especially good to hear you got the big approval. Much luck and hugs to you.


    Hello dear ones,

    I am on my way in to get a drain. I look like I have triplets – that’s how big my tummy is.

    This morning the doctor’s office called and said the Avastin had finally been approved and would be in next week. Anthem Blue Cross denied it three times so the doctor finally went through the drug company and compassionate use, and they are going to supply it. The hope is that this Avastin will control my ascites which is quite bad. I pray that this works. I have gone for weeks without chemo getting only the drains so I am weak lots of times. As Jeff says, take it to the limit one more time so maybe I should.

    I also wanted to let those of you who keep getting turned down for something know that your doctor can always call the drug company and request compassionate use.

    My prayers and love to you all,

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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