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    Jeff and Peter,

    Thanks for the good news! It means a lot.

    Just want you to know we are working hard behind the scenes to get some good things happening. We are looking forward to giving hope, just as you have done!



    Great news Jeff. The longer we can hold this dread disease at bay the better the chance of finding long term relief if not cure.
    Keep at the diet!

    I’m also fortunate to be experiencing good news at the moment. Some combination of diet, limited chemo, mushroom extract, life style and probably phase of the moon or the size of the stripes on Wooly Bears is also giving me a reprieve.
    CA19-9 numbers continue to decline and most days I feel pretty good with good energy. I need to be careful not to ‘spend too much’ of my intenal resources, if I do I pay for it.
    Best wishes and hope to all,


    Jeff – that is fantastic news and I am so pleased for you. Your posts always make me smile and provide us all with hope. As we brits say – keep your pecker up!


    Hi Jeff-great news. I don’t really know much about these blood tests but I am very happy for you feeling so good. My Dave is getting Gemzar and Oxiliplatin. no surgery. I am a nurse but never an oncology nurse, so it is all new to me. Sending white light your way.


    Great news Jeff, way to go! Really awesome news and please take more rest and not too much heavy work! My father just completed 3rd round of “new” course of chemo and off 2 weeks rest. Will see some blood work results in 2 weeks time.

    All the best wishes!


    Great News Jeff!

    That has really made my day.



    Best of luck Mary on the year scan. Kris


    Great news Jeff. Keep up the good work and don’t do too much. You sound like my husband- he’s been out working too hard but he says he feels so much better than he did last year that it doesn’t bother him. What bothered him was being unable to do anything last summer and just sitting , looking at all that needed to be done! We will be going for the one year MRI and check-up in two weeks. It’s always scary but hopefully we will continue to receive good news too. Take care. Mary


    That is great Jeff! I had my surgery in January, and I have just had my first scan and it all looks good so far. However, I have finally gotten around to researching the cancer as I am a proscrastinator by nature and one really doesnt want to be depressed does one? :) Anyway, I have made myself completely scared reading up on cc so your news is great and does give hope to many of us. I have read many of your posts and I too have changed my diet and taking suppliments. Hopefully you and everyone else will improve or continue to do well. Thanks for the uplifting news.


    To Cholangiocarcinoma Members:

    Saw my Oncologist today and all looks good. This is the second cycle in a row to show considerable improvement. All blood levels including CA-19 and CEA are within normal range. This past cycle decreased my levels another 20%. So the strategy is to continue on with another cycle. Going to increase oxy 100mg only, drop day two of steroids as it only caused me to have hiccups for three days, and delay CT for another month. It’s strongly felt the pain in my hip and rib is from to much gardening and erecting fences. He recommends I slow down for a while and let things mend. I told him my wife told me to do the same thing and he chuckled. Well any hoot, I ‘m feeling pretty good today and hope and pray things stay as is and in a positive direction. I will continue to eat my spinach, red grapefruit, bananas, blueberries and homemade loaded pizzas with plenty of mushrooms. I will continue to take Centrum Silver Muti-vitamins, Milk Thistle, and and fish oil with omega 3 capsules. Also keep chasing the grandchildren around the house. Also I will continue to take my nightly clonzepam to get a good nights sleep and continue listening to healing CDs when taking my daily nap. I will never let my guard down though, as this cc can be quite unpredictable as we all know. Best Wishes to all!
    Jeff G.


    This is the section where I have put and read good news. I also read the family blogs section that has good, not so good, and a lot of input of how some people are and have dealt with this disease. Jeff G.


    I agree that this website should have inspirational or good news stories so that we can encourage each other. My husband and I are just beginning this journey and need all the encouragement we can get and hope to encourage others with hope. Cathy


    Dette- I am hoping that you still check this website. I am wondering how you are doing since it has been three years since your surgery?


    I listed my good news under Experiences. I guess I should have done so under the next heading. You are right, Cancer is only a word. I was expected to live for 9 months, that was 26 months ago. There is no sign of the cancer. I thank God every day!


    Could we have a place to enter inspirational stories or ‘good news’ stories of people who have survived for longer than they were expected to. How they did it?

    I visit many cc boards as I know many other members of this site do and there is so much pain and anxiety, inevitably I become anxious and worried. I would like a place where we can share positive stories and take heart that this disease can be overcome. I have copied this from another thread on the forum but it is the kind of thing I am talking about.

    Between June and Dec of ’03, I rec’d 12 trtmnts of Gemzar and Cisplatin.Generally,
    they were 6-hr. infusions,primed with Kytril and Decadron to ready my system for
    possible nausea/’rough ride’.Thankfully, I experienced only 5 min. of nausea for the ENTIRE course.At the time I was a fairly healthy and active 54-yr old–non-drinker/
    non-smoker/blue-collar physical worker, maybe 15-20 lbs over my ideal weight.I k
    tried to (and still do) pay att to my diet, with emphasis on avoiding greasy/”heavy”
    foods, late-nite eating,over-eating.The nutritionists emphasized “grazing”—small,
    slow,easily-digested meals 5 or 6 times a day.I had to yield to a little “cancer-fighting” ice cream!!Daily exercise–especially walking—is essential.Mental and spiritual exercise is also irreplaceable.This was a good start in treating my cancer,
    and I have subsequently had stereotactic(high-intensity/highly focused and accurate)
    radiation and am now doing oral chemo.My “D-Day” actually was D-Day–June 6th,
    2003.That also coincided with Nat’l Cancer Survivor’s Day!!!!!What karma!On June 10th,we met with a chaplain/counselor and she asked whaat my diagnosis date was.
    June 6th, I replied.”Well then, you alredy are a 4-day survivor!!!”God, how true…
    I am grateful today and EVERY day.
    I also have been involved with a 12-step recovery group for years, and that is a large part of maintainiing my attitude.And, I have been fortunate enuf to become involved with Reiki.I first rec’d Reiki in infusion, then went on to take the course–
    up to becoming a ‘master’ and VOLUNTEER.Full circle!!!!Early on, I heard a woman say:”Cancer is NOT a sentence—it is ONLY a word!”Bon Chance and God bless,Tim.

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