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    My husband Joe and I went to a self hypnosis class at the Wellness House in Hinsdale which has free classes in many area for cancer patients and their caregivers and their families. This was the first class we went to and it was wonderful. We have not been in a support group for cancer and there were 18 in the group. It was great to hear a little of their stories and so many of them have changed their diet to eliminate animal fat, dairy, sugar and salt. Several were also vegan as we are. That is the first people we have actually met that are following our regime and it was good to feel supported in that. They also have yoga, meditation, Tai chi massage and other groups. We have been going at this by ourselves for 3 months (of course our families and friends are supoortive) but it is good to actually see and talk to other people dealing with this. This website is great for people with cc and we have a different problem than other cancers but the one thing they were really strong about is that doctors are not prophets. Don’t let what they say rule your life. Don’t believe it if they say you only have 3 months because your body will start to shut down. Thought that was very good advice. Joe continues to feel good and two more of our children have decided to go vegetarian for health reasons.


    Hi Maryanne

    I haven’t tried the H Acres diet but I am in the process of modifying my diet to avoid meat (I still eat oily fish), sugar, salt and fats (incl dairy products – eg I use only soya milk now), and I am eating more wholemeal foods (incl brown rice) and lightly cooked vegetables, green tea (no black tea) etc. Also I’m taking some supplements incl Omega-3 products for my immune system.

    Changing diet is not easy but I’m getting used to (and enjoying) the new regime. I am also taking carrot + apple juice and find that it gives me a real energy boost. I think what’s really important is that, as you say, it means I’m doing something about my cancer and starting to take a more active role, that alone makes me feel better. And you are absolutely right, most oncologists dismiss nutrition as a valid approach towards beating cancer. But there are plenty of reported cases where adoption of (say) the Gerson diet or a macrobiotic diet has had highly beneficial effects (I never looked into the H Acres diet).

    But maybe you shouldn’t write off systemic chemo at this stage. It seems to work incredibly well for some people (eg see the post by Juster on the “What’s Working/Good News/Unbelievable PET Scan” thread). For others it may not work at all or may not work as well. In my case it hammered my blood count (haemaglobin, white cells, platelets), reduced my quality of life, and at the moment it is suspended whilst my body recovers. I discussed the future chemo options with my oncologist last week and he says that I have to decide on the balance between quantity and quality of life – the problem is of course that he can’t tell me whether, or by how much, the chemo will extend my life.



    I have been posting on other topics but now found this one. Has anyone tried the H.acres diet? it is mostly raw vegan diet consisting of raw fruits vegetable, whole grains nuts and seeds. My husband Joe.66. who has cc (intrahepatic) unresectable and I have been on it for two months since he was diagnosed. Ony 15% of daily food is cooked. I am back in the kitchen much more but I will do anything if it will help. He also take 6 glasses of home made carrot juice a day plus barley max which is an alfalfa product. It took awhile to get used to it and all the medical doctors don’t put any value in it but at least we felt we were doing something while we were waiting for tests results and second opinions. We just got back from Mayo and still all they offer is systemic chemo which the oncologoist at Northwestern says is not very effectve. Is there anyone out there who has opted for no chemo? Joe has great quality of life right now and we question whether to change this at this point. Any advice or experience would be helpful. Mary anne

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