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    Oh, Roni, how beautiful this is! You must be so very proud of Hannah. And is she ever adorable!


    Hannah is 12 years old and going into 7th grade. For her Bat Mitzvah Project she she is trying to raise money for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation:

    Hannah’s Story:

    Once upon a time

    There was a women named Susan and she was one of the nicest people I ever met. She was funny and cool and so friendly.

    In her life where a daughter and two sons.
    I am the granddaughter Hannah.
    My mom is her daughter Roni.

    Roni was a woman of trouble and craziness and loved animals, and dogs.
    My dad is Carl and he is a whack.

    But now lets talk more about my nana.
    She was so nice and joyful and peaceful.

    But not all happy endings are so great.

    One day she was a little ill but we new she could get through it.
    She was perfect and we new she was going to be fine.
    But she was going to face a very treacherous thing.

    But everything was going to be ok with a good amount of help and believing would help us get through this. Now we where all taking good care of her and making sure she was ok.

    Now she was very upset, she could not eat well and she was thinking about how this was going to end.

    Now we found out she had a disease called Cholangiocarcinoma.
    That was a kind of cancer that is very rare to get.

    What was more bazaar was that 1 in 100,000 people get it.

    But before her surgery she took me shopping and to restaurants and to do my nails and lots more.

    Now I am helping out my mom and my dad to make sure everyone is ok and there is no crying.


    In all that was happening, before everything happened, in like 2005 I was enjoying a day with her doing lots of fun entertaining things like painting, playing with Yodi, JJ, Tyrone.
    Also we always played monopoly and had Dunkin Donuts every night.

    Now back to the cholangiocarcinoma thing. Now she has a helper named Linda who helps her with what she needs when she needs it.

    She is right now back in New York enjoying her self.

    She was told she might only live one more year or less or more.

    Now I believe that she promised me she would live till my wedding day.

    I have a feeling that one day I will remember when I wrote this book about cholangiocarcinoma and think back when everyday was like a happy face staring right back at me.

    Also I will remember when I loved her as much as I do now and till I die.

    In heaven I will be so happy to see my whole family.

    My nana was getting better and better each day but, in my heart I felt she would never leave me, she would always be in my heart safe and sound.

    I know one day I feel in my heart I will solve this cancer and help the people who might get it, stay healthy and happy. Which is something my nana might not be able to do.

    But I believe she will try her hardest to stay happy and healthy.

    Chapter 3 QUESTIONS For Questions

    I really want to know more about Cholangiocarcinoma and
    find a cure help people who have it or are going to get it.

    Also when I am older I would like to be a doctor who could help people to try to think the best of it something my nana might not be able to do.

    Another thing is to make people happy and healthy so they have high spirits so they will be happy. I don’t want people to think (owe well I am going to die and that’s it)
    because that is not positive thinking.

    Also for those people who don’t think Cholangiocarcinoma is not a big deal,
    well then try to break it to them, but it is, and you can die from it.

    Also if you think because I am a kid and I am writing a silly story well I am not this is very serious, and not a joke.

    So if you know someone or yourself gets a weird felling or a ill feeling go to the doctor and maybe you have Cholangiocarcinoma.

    Also this is something important to me, my family, and the doctors who cant find a cure besides chemotherapy.

    The main thing is if you can think about my nice nana who is friendly, nice, fun, and caring.

    Support the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation.

    Save a life today

    Chapter 4

    A New Beginning

    If you saw someone you love, or a very close friend die,
    or a sick friend – you would want to help them right?

    I know I would help a friend in trouble.

    But this cancer might not be able to be fixed so watch out.

    My nana would always taking me boogie boarding and swimming.

    Also when she stayed at a hotel we stayed up till the pool closed, and we had lots of fun.

    Also right next to the pool across the hall was a café where they served Minnie pizzas and snacks.

    We had so much fun and enjoyed it all.

    Now I hope to see her soon.

    Also, I also hope people will try harder to help find a cure to Cholangiocarcinoma (CC).

    Be happy and don’t worry

    Chapter 5 her dog Yodi

    Her dog Yodi was one of the nicest dogs I have ever met.
    He is kind and friendly and loves new people.
    I hope one day I will have a dog like Yodi.

    I already have a dog named Lucy, the same type of dog.
    But my dog is smaller.

    I cant wait to see my poppy, nana, and Yodi.

    I am so exited and happy that I will maybe see them soon.

    But I also might not .

    But until then I will stay happy and remember when I saw her many times every year.

    My nana is as strong as a warrior.


    Thank you taking the time to read her story, please consider donating, every dollar makes a difference.

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