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    Hi Patti, I too am sorry that the news hasn’t been better. It sounds like you are on a good track to trying other new plans and treatments and I wish you better news in the very near future. Stay strong and many blessings to you.


    Glad to hear from you Patti. Wish the news was better, but sounds like there are plans ahead for you and that is good.

    hang in there Patti, we are here for you.




    I too wish your news was better, but there is always hope and as Cathy said, I too have seen changes since I joined, also in 2008. There have been many more positive postings and treatment options than there were back then.
    Good luck to you and hoping to hear good news from you in the future.

    Love & Hugs,


    Sorry your news isn’t better. But there are so many new options. With immunotherapy and inhibitor trials all over the country, I believe this will help so many of us. Prayers that you get the right options offered! Get the fight going your way this year.


    Patty, sorry about your treatment the last year and more sorry that insurance help mandate it.
    I too also stayed away form here while I was sick, just didn’t have the stamina to look past the bad news. I now post more often because having the right doctor is the key to fighting this. I post because I was so blessed to have this expierence and didn’t have to waste time finding it. Our Wayne Parson always post that if “they had found Dr. Chapman sooner, Val would still be here”.
    Keep posting and inspiring others. I honestly believe in the last couple of years our site has more positive and encouraging info and stories than back in 2008 when I joined, which shows this site has made a difference.
    Lots of prayers and HOPE-Cathy


    HI PATTI, it is so excellent to hear from you and I am sorry it was not better news HOWEVER, knowing you I know you will attack this and get good news again down the road a bit. Like you say another opinion can make quite a difference. I have heard that Dr. Selby is one of the best! So, good work there. I hope you stay on with us now. You don’t have to read all the posts but I hope you will keep us updated. A ton of good luck to you and I am sending much love!


    so sorry I haven’t updated. I have read new posts & support all of you & what you are going through! I sometimes have to not go here as it is hard to hear of so many passings. Also of all the different treatments whether they work of not.
    I admire those of you who seem to be able to hang in there so well during chemo & remain active. I have done that the best I can. The latest is I got a port a cath put in to begin folfiri. After Y90, 2 different chemo combos my tumor is now twice the size I began a year ago. Pretty dismal. I finally have better insurance & love the surgeon I saw, Dr. Selby at USC & my oncologist at UCI, Dr. Seery. She is very up on all the latest CC treatments & does lots of research & was also at the conference in San Francisco.
    The one thing I was to say to you all is you are right about getting 2nd opinion right away. I was naive & had lousy insurance & it was almost a year that I saw this 2nd surgeon. He told me he wished he had seen me a year ago. My CC has doubled in size & no probably is not able to have resection. He said the only possibility is for the folfiri to shrink. My oncologist is also submitting me for some trials. I recently began a place on caring bridge. If any of you are interested in my journey go to: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/patmorse
    My best to you all on the roller coaster we are all on.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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