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    Hi I would like to introduce myself.  I just got diagnosed after two months..  Lots of scans, CT’s, MRI, ultrasound’s, so much blood work.  Two biopsies.  I am going for consults to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN on Monday and hoping and praying they have some options.  All my tumor markers are still low.  Liver function normal.  My tumor is positive for KRT7 and negative for GATA3 CDX@ and KRT20.  CEA 19 is 32AFP is 2.8 CEA is 1.5 IGG4 is 22.4.  This has been such a rollercoaster.  I had breast cancer 23 years ago and survived 8 years of treatment.  So I am hoping for some clinical trial or miracle.  After looking at your boards here.  I see a lot of people who are going through similar situations.  I see a lot of Marines who were at Camp Lejune on here.  My husband is/was a Marine and had training there is 1974.  He spent two tours in Far East not in Viet Nam.  I find this interesting.  He is fine.  When we were first married he became horribly sick on and off for months and his doctor thought at the time it was hepatitis.  He was jaundice and had high fevers.  They gave me a shot of gamma globulin.  I never got sick.  Just a random thought.  Thanks for reading.

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