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    Hi Larry! WOW! You and Teddy might run in to each other at Dr. Kresl’s. He was supposed to start yesterday but the office called and changed it to today.
    T/W/T he will be going in at 100PM and M/F he will go in at 1000AM. Sounds like Kresl has you on the same campaign as Teddy. I know it only takes a few minutes but if you see a short, VERY Sicilian looking guy, say hi to Teddy. Good luck to you. We feel we are in the right place and probably the only place to be with Kresl.


    Peter had his first blood tests since he started the anticancer diet, 3 weeks ago. His Gamma GT and AF went nicely down. And his blood was tested when he had a fever attack, so we are very anxious to know what the next test coming month will show.
    He very much likes this kind of food and I see him empty larger plates than before. To be honest, this kind of eating is good for me too ….. no sugar or sweets at all. I lost 4 kilo’s and I could use that :)
    Good luck everyone!


    Well, when you start talking about books, the librarian has to weigh in. I checked our vendor and the U.S. edition of Anticancer will not be out until Sept. but you can also get it from the UK’s Amazon site, it was released there in June, the ISBN is 978-0718154295, see:


    Some U.S. libraries appear to have this UK edition, your public library may be able to request it for you via interlibrary loan. To see what libraries own this title, search:


    Librarian Patty


    Thanks to everyone for the comments. Here is an update.

    I FEEL great, even though my ca 19-9 is still climbing. Isn’t that wierd? I have many tumors now, but they are not in the liver or bile ducts, and they are concentrated in an area of my abdomen adjacent to the original sites. I feel like I have nothing wrong, and I spent this last weekend trimming palm trees in my front yard and working on the sprinkler system. My wife and I also cleaned our garage (partially). I’m 60 but I don’t feel like it yet!

    Thanks to Lainy for the information about Cyberknife. I did have a consult with Dr. Kresl, and because of the number of tumors he suggested IMRT, 5 days per week for 6 to 8 weeks. A cleanup with Cyberknife is possible. I have already had the scans and the marking, and I will go in this Friday for a final x-ray and then start the IMRT next Monday. It all happened very quickly since I already had a recent PET. I don’t know how chemo will fit into the treatment equation yet.

    I am also following the plan my Naturopath designed for me which includes a strict diet (mostly plant based, with organic poultry and fish only – I try not to eat anything from a box or a can), supplements, sauna 2x each week, filtered water, lots of green and white tea (EGCG and flavoniods), and exercise every day.

    Good thoughts and wishes to everyone.

    Regards, Larry


    Hey Larry! Lee, Emilee and I are up the 17 from you in Camp Verde! Don’t ya love the monsoon season?! Lee is being treated at Arizona Oncology at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley. Dr. Peter Mathern is Lee’s oncologist…he is THE BOMB!!! He has been right by Lee’s side since he was diagnosed in Feb. of this year. He knows what a beast this kind of cancer is…and is fighting as hard as we are to knock this sucker out!! His humor, compassion, sensitivity, kindness and knowledge are just some of the qualities that we have come to love in him. Lee is doing so well in fact we were told that after we left the last chemo session, Dr. Mathern was grinning ear to ear and dancing throughout the office…he was soooo pleased with Lee’s progress..this last time Lee saw him he told the doc he had better be careful, because Lee himself is so happy to be feeling well he was about to jump off the chair and plant one on him! I can’t thank God enough that he chose this man to be in our lives….God’s blessings to you!



    May be they’re sold out and waiting for the next edition. You can also order it via http://www.nl.bol.com which is a Dutch internet bookstore.
    And if that doesnot work, I could order it here and send it to you.


    Thanks Iris, I’ll try other websites. It’s just funny that Amazon says it’s not out till September.


    Hi Rank,
    We got it in the Netherlands and it even is translated in Dutch. The first edition came out in 2007, the second in 2008. When you google “Anticancer Servan-Schreiber” you’ll get a number of hits. When you really cannot lay your hands on the book and want to know more about the diet, I’ll be more than willing to mail more info.


    Iris, where did you get the book Anticancer? I’ve looked on Amazon and it says it’s not due out till Sept 08


    Hello Larry,
    I am very sorry to hear that, after all you went through, it look likes the cancer is returning. One allways hopes that there will be a person who survives, but this cancer is a tough one to beat.

    I do have a little comfort, I hope. My husband Peter was diagnosed last year May, stage IV, with a life-prediction of 2-3 months. It is more than a year later now, and he is still doing very well. Sometimes a high fever attack, and last month we heard that the lungs probably are infected.

    We went, however, on a very healthy diet. The idea comes from the book “Anticancer”, written by Dr. David Servan Schreiber. He has had brain tumors twice and started investigating the Western eating pattern very deeply. Peter (and I) are following a lot of his advices on eating now since about a month. Peter is feeling extremely well and he looks that way and the nasty little, persistent cough he had, disappeared.

    I am not saying that Peter, or anyone with cc can be cured by this diet, but we do have the hope that with this healthy way of eating, he will live longer with a good quality of life. The good thing is, it has nothing to do with adding all kinds of supplements, just eat the good stuff as described in the book. The only thing Peter is taking as a supplement (advice from his specialist) is Omega-3.

    Try to get your hands on this book. It has provided us with the hope that Peter can go on for quite a while in a high quality living.
    I hope you will keep us informed about how you are doing.

    Regards, Iris


    Hello Larry and welcome to our site. So glad for you to have joined us. Until others have a chance to respond you might want to use the search function to read up on some of the posts discussing this issue. Be assured though that questions are gladly answered by the wonderful members of this site. Also, at times you might want to re-post as it happens for threads to be lost when others are writing in. Also, having dealt with this cancer for 5 years certainly, there are many things you can share with us. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey with CC.


    Hi Larry,
    Just wanted to welcome you and congratulate you for fighting the statistics and showing everyone that this cancer can be battled for 5 years plus! Your story is an inspiration and I wish you all the best.


    Hi Larry. We too are in Phoenix. My husband is Miracle Man, posts by Lainy.
    You can look it all up in history. He is under the care of Dr. Christopher Manus who has just taken over for John Rubach, who just retired. The office is Desert Oncologists at Banner Desert hospital. We have also seen James Cashman who is Director of transplants at Desert Samaritan but he has done Whipple Surgeries. Presently Teddy is awaiting results of a PET Scan and if that is OK he will have cyber knife (radial) surgery in August to rid the cancer that has returned. The doctor for that is John KResl. We live in Sun Lakes. Oh, our daughter’s fiance who lives in Gilbert, was diagnosed with Lymphoma and has been seeing a Naturopathic doctor in Tempe for Vitamin C intravenously. He is a strong believe in this form of treatment. Please feel free to e mail me or respond on this site. Lainy.


    I am new to this forum, but I have been fighting this monster for almost 5 years. I’ve had 2 surgeries for the cancer, and 2 other surgeries to fix things caused by the cancer surgeries. So far I have avoided chemo and radiation, but now my ca 19-9 has begun to take off and a recent PET shows multiple tumors. I’m still trying to decide which way to go. I look forward to networking with members on this site.

    My youngest son is a PharmD, and he is encouraging me to move in the direction of chemo, with alternative support. I have also been working with a local Naturopath (he is a cancer specialist) and I do like his approach. Any comments will be very welcome.


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