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    Tut tut….losing interest after 1 pre season game! And you ended up winning the game….. Bring on the regular season I say! :)


    Bless you, dear Lainy and I wish you all the best with your new med.


    Thanks Mary. I will be taking my little nap, sure like the Profopol (sp). I shouldn’t say that I guess, poor Michael Jackson. Tomorrow will be beef broth, veggie broth and chix broth all day. Yes, Percy is truly a living Encyclopedia!


    Hi Lainy,

    Sorry to hear that the Humira didn’t work. I don’t know anything about remicade but thankfully our dependable, reliable, caring, researcher Percy was able to help you out!!! Does Percy ever sleep???!!! All the research he does for us, and the wealth of knowledge he passes on to us, is amazing. Can’t thank him enough. I was so glad he was able to ease your mind.

    Good luck Monday with the colonoscopy. I’ll be thinking of you.

    Love & Peace,


    Sounds like you have some good reassurance on here! I hope everything goes well Lainy!!



    Kris, thank-you, thank-you!


    Lainy –
    We have done Remicade infusions at home on occasion through the agency I work for and the patients I have dealt with have not had any really problems so to speak. I know reading about all the what-if possible side effects can be scary but they got to warn you about any (and I do many any side effects ie. you might get a rash if the wind blows from the SE on an odd numbered day – totally tongue in cheek but that what it feels like). I think that it is with any new treatment….worry about the unknown.
    Hope things go well for you and this makes things better for you. Good Luck and positive thoughts your way.



    OH my, Gav and Percy….did the Pack ever look bad! BUT it could all turn around. It’s enough to make me loose interest after 1 pre season game!


    Kris, don’t worry about any corrections. What was the old saying, “I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me?” I like the auto correct but have not seen it correct names. Hey kid, it’s 111o today, yesterday was 112o. Whole week is supposed to be hot. Well, about 6 more weeks of this and the monsoon ends and so does the extreme heat. We hardly got rain! 2 more weeks and I put away my white clothes, I just can’t wear them after Labor Day. I’m cwazy! I have a friend who will wear white but not white shoes!


    (I hate this autocorrect… Sorry, Lainy! I know how to spell it, but keyboard doesn’t!)



    I cannot add anything relative to the Remicade, but please know we are wishing all the best for you and hoping the new drug does help.



    Thanks my Kris Cookie!

    Percy, you just totally relieved my anxiety! That is just what I needed to hear…that I should be ok if I was on the Humira for 6 months and that it is much like Humira. And thanks for the filter tip, I wrote it down.
    This is the best little place in the world to be, right with this family!


    Hi, Lainy,

    I woke up and saw your message. I am sorry.
    I think if your have been on it for six months of Humira, you should not have problems in general for Remicade. Both drugs have the same precautions and similar side effects (ie:about lower your immunity to fight against infection.)

    The dose is based on your weight in kg.; so if you lost or gain substantial weight, the dose may be different between5-20mg/dose.Most of the time ,they may just keep the same dose(usual dose is 5mg/kg/dose). It is mixed with 250ml of IV solution and will run it over 2 hours;make sure they provide you an inline filter as recommended by the manufacturer to filter the drug particles while the IV is running. And mostly as you know, they will draw your blood and run the lab work before given the Remicade. Good luck on the colonoscopy and God bless you,my friend.


    Lainy, sending you loads and loads of positive thoughts!! I can’t help here, but I sure hope remicade works for you! Maybe you’ll get your hair back!! (See? Looking at the good side!)


    Thank you all. I know me and it will take a couple of days to ‘mentally’ work through this but in the end bring it on! Thanks Mark, I couldn’t remember what you had told me but I am extremely happy for you! The thing about UC is that it controls you when you can’t control it. Did go to dinner with one of my Girl Friends last night and it is where we go for Karaoke. Last night was a singer entertaining. I said to Marilise, where is Teddy he is supposed to take care of me. The very NEXT song was “I Did It My Way” which was Teddy’s ‘theme’ song. I couldn’t believe it! Guess he IS still here looking over all of us!

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