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    Hello – First Post on this Site –

    My Mom was recently diagnosed with CholangioCarcinoma and during the second week of April 2011 she had a major surgery (9 hours!!) to remove half of her liver, gallbladder and a number of lymph nodes in the region. The post-surgical pathology report confirmed intra-hepatic CC in the Liver and 2 of the nodes were cancerous as well.

    My Mom is 65 years old, vibrant, generally in good health although she does have managed Diabetes and she had been a life long ‘light’ smoker (5 cigs a day – although, of course, none now).

    While the surgeon was quite positive about the outcome of the surgery (‘I took out everything I could see’) he wants to put her on Chemo ASAP. She is recovering nicely from the surgery, very slowly regaining her energy and her ability to care for herself although with a good deal of post-surgical pain.

    If anyone can provide information about Chemo post-Liver Resection I would be very, very appreciative. Details would be very helpful – Meds, Dosage, Frequency etc.

    Moreover – BENEFITS! Will the chemo help save or extend her life??

    The last thing I want for her is to suffer through the effects of chemo with little effect on fighting the remaining cancer.

    Thanks in advance for your time in answering my questions. Feel free to contact me directly through this Site.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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