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    Thanks for all your supportive comments. I have loved being on this site and learning so much from all of you. Even tho Saturday was a really hard day, yesterday was a much better day after Joe got some rest from the trip. My sisters and our oldest daughter and family came to visit and Joe seemed to really enjoy it more than he has in the past week. The social worker from hospice is coming today. I think not having the schedules of doctors and chemo will be more relaxing. Joe seems to be in a very good place and that makes it easier for me. I will continue to watch your journeys as you have become a part of my life for the last two years. It has been 27 months since diagnosis but symptoms were there ten months before that so we have had a good run. I guess it is never long enough but when the quality of life is gone it isn’t fun anymore if it ever was. I will say that this disease has strenghtened our relationship with each other and with our Lord and also helped us to think about using each day as best we can since we don’t know how many we have left. Again, thanks for being here. God Bless. Mary Anne


    Maryanne – So sorry you and Joe are having to go through this most difficult time; I read an artticle by Tony Snow not long ago that said the person that is sick takes on the faith of two while the caretaker takes on the worries and fears of two. Joe will be O.K. Take care and know that you and Joe are in my prayers and thoughts.
    Betty Johnson


    Sorry to hear about Joe, but, as Jeff said, it’s so wonderful that he can still be at home and make his own choices and spend time with his family. You’re doing such a wonderful job of taking care of him – I wish you both the best in these trying times.
    Joyce M


    Hi Mary Anne, I ‘m glad you found this section, the site has made a few changes in the last couple years. I’m sad to hear Joe has entered hospice , but glad he is still able to get around at home. I pray for a calm and loving time for the remainder of Joe’s journey. I pray God’s strenght for you all.
    God Bless,


    Maryanne…..Seems that as long as I can remember being on this board Joe and you have been part of it and I have been reading your blog as long as it has been in existence. It has been wonderful sharing with you the wonderful adventures you and Joe have been able to enjoy and having the privilege of getting to know your family. Thank you. My heart is with you at this very special time when every moment is the most precious forever embedded in our memories. I am sending to you and your family all my love.


    So very sorry to hear about Joe. He is very lucky to have you and his children to help him through this part of his journey. This will be a time to cherish the memories you all have made and it sounds like you are making all sound and kind decisions. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.


    I posted earlier today under general experiences and then found this topic which is exactly what I wanted. Joe entered the hospice program yesterday but he will stay at home for now. He can still move around the house but has really bad ascites and some swelling in his legs and feet. His appetite is gone and I was trying to get him to eat a lot of protein but now I am just going to let him eat what he wants, I want to make this time his choices including no Lasix if that’s waht he wants. Two of our children are in town and two are out. Even tho I don’t think his death isnot emminent at this time I think I will have them come in for a short visit so they can have some quality time while they can. We re also planning a weddingfor our daughter for December 27th but I don’t think he can last that long. I see other people saying everything else seems unimportant now and I sure feel that way. I am so glad to find this site and this secton that deals with exactly where we are right now. thanks for those of you who have been so faithful in answering our questions and letting up spout off at times. I will keep in touch. God Bless. Mary Anne

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