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    Dear Rick – Everything about this cancer seems unpredictable so I guess the end is the same. My husband has been declining since his diagnosis in late July, however, I believe that he will push himself until the very end. He overdoes it now and I can’t imagine him changing except that his body continues to limit him. I pray that you have time to take care of everything that is important – sharing your love, taking care of business, etc. Blessings, Susan


    Rick, as another patient with cc I can totally understand your post. I have been feeling the same way lately but especially today when I learned that Kris had passed away. Yesterday I talked to my Pastor and started planning my memorial service with him. Today my husband and I finally did our wills and trust for our children. I at times worry about what my death will be like… will I be in pain and suffer, will I go quickly and quietly, will I know days or weeks in advance so I can say my last goodbyes? God only knows the answers and most of the time I am at peace with that and leave it in His hands knowing that He knows best… but then there are the thoughts that creep into my head and I think of things I want to be around for, need to do,etc and then the worry may start. What I am trying my hardest to do although not always successful is to try and get things prepared so that if the Lord takes me home I have as much done as possible (will never be able to get all the projects I want to do for my kids finished but I have good intentions :) ), also I try and think of someone else each day and do something for them, and last but not least I always try and tell those I care about and love how much they mean to me and how much I love them. I am getting a port on Friday and am starting a new chemo regimen on Monday. I am a little afraid of the new treatment but am praying it will help. Take care of yourself, hug those 2 beautiful children and your wife, tell them how much you love them and enjoy everyday. God Bless,


    Rick….I agree with what has been said. Also, you must remember that our board only has a fraction of CC patients posting. There are many more people out there people, who never come to our site who, would pass on valuable information to us and give us a broader perspective of things.
    All my best wishes are coming your way,


    Hey Rick,
    I know what you mean, hearing sadly about a lot of people at the moment. I lost a good friend to ovarian cancer last summer and her sister and I were talking about it recently. We thought that even though we had known it would happen (and in fact had plenty of warning), it was still a shock. I think that is because it is natural and good to still have hope. It just didn’t seem like there had been much warning because everyone had some hope for more time.

    Cancer is so different for different people, that you can never really tell. But I would not read what you are hearing into your own situation, because you just can’t know all their details.

    With very best wishes


    Rick, not sure how much each person is able to reltae. Like with Teddy there was months of warning. My own opinion is that those who are diagnosed when it is already too late for any treatment have not much of a warning, those who fight for a long time do. Does that make sense. Sometimes only I know what I mean! I believe that you will have warnings because you have fought so long and have been right on top of everything. Stay strong and I am wishing you the best.


    It seems like I have been reading a lot of stories lately where a patient seems to be going along a stable path with their CC and then all of a sudden they pass without much warning. Is this common? I just don’t read a lot of stories where patients have a month or 2 of warning.

    It is a little bit disheartening to know that it could strike at any time without warning. There is so much to do yet!


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