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    Jeff, I just shake my head at all you have endured. My thoughts and prayers go with you and all patients and caregivers on this site.


    Hi Middlesister… Sorry to hear of your sisters progression. I to have mets to the bones and have tried zometa with vitimin D. Slows progression and helps keep bone stronger to prevent fractures. The Zometa caused me some breathing difficulties so I discontinued and just kept taking full strenght vitmin D. In hind sight I probally should have stayed on the Zometa as my breathing difficulties I believed was related to all the fluid they drained from my right lung cavity. I just recieved MRI esults the other day and I now have a compression fracture to the T-10 vertebral that has been causing pain. Started me on fenathyl patch with other pain meds and pain is under control. I think my over activness played a big role in it happening. Have to slow down a little I guess. Will have consult with surgeon , two actually ,to see what if anything they want to do. From my research it’ll probally be wait and see if it mends as my body is pretty well worn out . I tell you this as options to consider for pain primarily, but being in hospice I’m sure you’ll have the best of help with pain management. Again, sorry your sister is riding this bumpy road and wish her the best. Glad to hear you are a survivor of colectoral cancer, I’m sure that was a feat of itself.
    God Bless,



    I am so sorry to hear that things have progressed to this point. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.



    My sister also has Stage 4 with mets to bones and lymph nodes. Do you mind me asking how old your sister is? Mine is 42.


    Middlesister, so sorry to hear of the bad turn! Your sister is lucky to have you helping her through this journey. Cherish all the memories at this time and all our prayers and cyber hugs go out to you and your family.


    I thank all of you for the warm welcome. SInce my last post, things have gotten worse and my sister is in a hospice. The cancer is inoperable and she cannot handle any more chemo. The bone mets are painful and that is being managed. She can still speak and eat sometimes, but we know that this will probably take her to heaven. Please keep her in your prayers as I do all of you.
    Love and blessings!!


    Hi Middlesister

    Just went through that with my grandmother a few weeks ago. Its rough.

    This is the club nobody wants to be part of BUT this is also that best place I’ve found to get support and info that I’ve found.

    Keep us updated as to what’s going on with you and your family.

    All the best to your family and your sister.



    Hello middlesister…I would like to follow Lainy in welcoming you. The stent should give your sister some welcome relief from her jaundice and hopefully, the anemia will be beaten soon, also. Being a colon cancer survivor you must be a wonderful support to your sister as you truly can relate to her feelings and the feeling of hope you are able to convey to her. I don’t know whether you already have used the “Search Forum” however, if you chose to do so it will allow you to peruse many postings by others although, it is a lengthy process I believe for a wealth of information being hidden in those threads. For example, if you chose to read up on “anemia” simply, enter it (forget about author unless you would specially want to read up on his or her comments) and you will be able to read up on comments made by others. You might also want to enter “mets to bones”. Again, I am so glad for you to have found us and I am looking forward to any questions and comments by you coming our way.


    As I have been saying, welcome to the best club in the world that no one wants to join! Glad you found us! So sorry to hear about your sister and what a strong, wonderful person you must be. Your sister is lucky to have you in her corner. You are right this is an awful disease but we have all found each other and that is helpful for our patients as well as care takers. Hope your sister is feeling better after the stent is put in. Keep us posted!


    Greetings to all,

    I registered to this site because my sister has stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma. I am a survivor of colorectal cancer myself. My sister has mets to the bone. She is in the hospital now having a stent put in the bile duct. She is jaundiced and anemic. I hope to be of some support to you all, as well as gain some knowledge of this awful disease.

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