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    Russ, I’m so sorry sir. She was far, far too young! My Father walked that same path with my Mother, until it finally overcame her physically. For what its worth, as a son, my admiration and respect for the two of them grew beyond words watching them fight with such heart and with such love for one another. Still, our lives will never be the same without her, just like yours will never be the same without Peggy. It really is a horrible cancer! Again, my deepest condolences.


    I am so so sorry. God bless.




    I am so sorry for your loss.  May your wife, Peggy, Rest In Peace .


    Russ H

    As a care taker, and walking with my Wife from beginning to end with this disease I have learned so much about it.

    In memory of Peggy M. Akers Hartman. Born August 21st 1966. She passed on May 29th 2019 from this horrible cancer known as Cholangiocarcanoma.  I miss her, and she will be forever in my heart until I can join her in heaven.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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