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    Hello, congratulations on 7 years NED, at 8 years you are statistically cured of cholangiocarcinoma. If you have any issues after 8 years it is the formation of a new cancer, not recurrence. You found it early, you were operated on, and you have beaten the odds, kudos   Pat



    So interesting and true, as the tumors can be undetected in a person’s body for years before an actual diagnosis as symptoms don’t present until the condition worsens.  Also, it is true that most times someone goes for something else which leads to the path of CC.  My mom started with a case of chronic anemia, and doctors were clueless of its source, and about 10 months later there was a diagnosis of CC.  After going through the overwhelming stress and understanding this illness, I found out it was actually in a scan result in 2014, but never pursued as the patient did not have any symptoms, so basically ignored for further evaluation.  It was rare to find a case similar to hers, as most CC patients never start with a case of anemia.  It shows how unique this illness is for everyone.


    Hi Pam,

    It is great to hear from you and that you are still cancer-free after seven years.

    I went back and looked at your original chain from 2011.  Your story is an amazing one.  Cholangiocarcinoma is often symptomless in its early stages and may be discovered accidentally when looking into an unrelated health issue.  In my own case, it was discovered when I went to the doctor for tendonitis.

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    Please stay in touch – stories like yours are an inspiration to the community.

    Regards, Mary


    Hello, I wrote about a weird story that happened to me about 7 years ago. I had an ultrasound for what my physician suspected was ovarian cancer. She recommended that I also see a gynecological oncologist for a second opinion. I did, and the conclusion was ovarian cancer. I went into surgery for a total hysterectomy and oophorectomy. I had endometriosis.  There was no ovarian cancer but a tumor did show up on the liver which later turned out to be bile duct cancer. I had a liver resection, and the tumor was removed. I later went through PET scans, MRI’s and CT scans. Nothing had shown up on any of those tests. I had a CT scan every six months until 2015. At that point, they declared me cancer free. I still go in for a blood test every year. Nothing has shown up yet. It has been seven years and I am cancer free.

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