Is surgery an option?

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    Thank you Lisa.
    I’ll give you a call. Hope you are doing well.


    I have had two liver resections. The first time they removed 70 % of my liver. The cancer came back the next year and I had another resection. My surgeon removed the tumors, used a nano knife and internal radiation. Mine was very close to portal vein so going in they were not 100% they could get the one tumor but they did. I see Dr. John Fung at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, he is an outstanding liver surgeon. Feel free to call me with any questions, 330-903-6868.


    LeeAnn….It just proves how important it is to be proactive and to never, never, give up. This includes questioning physicians and the treatments offered. Good job.
    Here is a bit of info on Nanoknife:


    WOW! LeeAnn, ya just never know! Why are you being so difficult! LOL In my neck of the woods we have a saying, “from my mouth to Gods ears!” So from my mouth let there be no lymph node involvment and let there be nano knife!


    Thank you Lainy, Mark and Pam.
    I went to my old hospital(UIC) where I had resection to pick last pet/ct copy for 2nd opinion. While I was there I called my surgeon and told them what was going on. I had no appt but wanted to see me right then. Good thing I had my last ct-(since started chemo) with me thinking that I might get to see him. They all looked at my ct and said he doesn’t see lymph nodes involvement??? but its around portal vein so it’s very difficult to do surgery. He is going to send my ct to his colleague in different state does nanoknife. SO I hope to hear some good news soon.


    LeeAnn-Sorry about the lymph node involvement. I was always told that if there was lymph node involment I would not be able to be transplanted. Surgery, if I understood correctly would cause it to seed or spread quickly. I am not sure about all I was told there was so much FYI, so I agree about the second opinion. I always believe a second opinion is a win-win, it only confirms what you already know or opens another door of HOPE!
    Lots of prayers and HOPE-Cathy


    Hi LeeAnn,

    I think whenever there is any doubt in your mind, a second opinion is in order. If you still don’t feel satisfied, then even a third opinion might give you some peace of mind. I am very sorry you have had a recurrance. I hope you can find the right doctor to help you.

    Love, -Pam



    I’m truly sorry to hear about the recurrence. Did the oncologist say why surgery isn’t an option? I wholeheartedly agree with Lainy on getting a second opinion. I would get it directly from a surgeon, and one that has expertise with this disease. That might be the surgeon who did the original resection.

    All the best, and keep us posted.



    I am so sorry to hear this, LeeAnn! I don’t know if surgery is an option, but I would definitely get a 2nd opinion as that is an important option! If the answer turns out to be no, then at least you have put your mind at rest. Wishing you the best and that is NOT an option, it’s for real!


    Just wondering if anyone had a surgery with recurrence involve with lymph nodes?

    I had resection a year ago but sadly it came back around resected liver with few lymph nodes involved. My onc said surgery is not an option but I’m wondering if other surgeons feels the same. I’m thinking about getting a second opinion. Any thoughts?


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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