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    Does anyone still have jaundice after stent placement or still has a high bilirubin over 3?  I am wondering if these stent placements become less effective the more ERCPs are performed on a patient.  It seems to control the jaundice after several procedures and keeps the bilirubin at a reasonable level which is under 2.  Who experiences a higher level after the procedure?  Is this problematic for you or still gives relief?  We know that ERCPs are risky, but does it make the area worse the more it is performed.  Unfortunately, there is no way around it as stents must be replaced often and not exceed three months.  At the same time it must be damaging the biliary area.  How many ERCPs have you had?
    Thanks for the response and keep going in finding answers to this nasty condition.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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