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    I am so sorry to hear that your Dad suffered from this as well. The majority of patients suffering from extensive vomiting due to intestinal blockage or paralyzes of the gastrointestinal tract. We mainly witness it with hilar CCA patients and to a lesser extent with intrahapetic CCA.
    Both Karen (nurse) and I experienced it with our loved ones as well. Based on that and the numerous postings on this issue our nurses are addressing intractable nausea and vomiting it in the upcoming nursing guidelines for “The Care of the Patient with Cholangiocarcinoma.”
    We hope that that these clinically sound guidelines will achieve global acceptance.



    Hi Crissy,

    I think vomiting bile happens, but I don’t think it is too common. I haven’t read that many times on these forums. Having said that, my wife vomitted bile continuously for her last two weeks of life. In her case, the cancer had spread to her abdomen. According to the doctors, the cancer had attacked her large intestine and essentially paralyzed it. With her large intestine not functioning, nothing moved through her digestive system. The stomach still produced bile, however, and the bile had to go somewhere.

    Very unpleasant. I am sorry to hear that your father had to suffer through that.



    Dear Crissie, I don’t think I have ever heard of Myleoprolific Disease either on this Board or off the Board. You might try our Search engine at the top and if there is a post on that disease it will pop up for you. How awful to have had 2 such rare diseases at the same time. As for the vomiting of bile, my husband had that but only the night before he relocated. Not everyone has that at the end. CC is sill so rare that we have to still say that everyone is different in symptoms, treatments and endings. Sending you big hugs.


    I didn’t know where to post this so I thought here would be the best.

    At the end of my dad’s fight with this horrible cancer, he was vomiting bile all of the time. Is this a normal for the ending of this cancer?

    Also my dad was diagnosed with Myleoprolific Disease. Has anyone had this with this cancer?

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