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    YES and YES and positive vibes and HOPE and MIRACLES. We are a force to be reckoned with! Take this you cc monster. Where else in this world will you find people from different countries, different cultures, different religions, different thoughts all working together to help each other and showing so much genuine love! Right here, and this is where the biggest news will happen…..we WILL find a cure.


    Cathy….thank YOU for letting us all know about the two patients in St. Louis. It really helps to know that people are getting the help they need. I would have no problem going to St. Louis based on what I’ve read here on the boards. I live in what otherwise is known as “flyover country,” the midwest….but being where I am, I’m just 3 hours from Mayo, 3 hours from Chicago and just 5-6 hours from St. Louis….all well within driving range. However, before I joined these discussions, I only really knew about Mayo in Rochester. The boards have broadened my choices and I wouldn’t think twice about seeking an opinion or treatment somewhere else now….even if I had to fly there. (and flying scares me a LOT).


    The CCF provides the venue, but the members of this site build this community. Patients and caregivers continue to build a world outside so important for the global patient community. Thank you all, my dear friends. Please follow Cathy’s advice and continue to post away.


    I agree wholeheartedly. I read reviews of doctors and hospitals and read about Dr. Fong from Sloane Kettering coming to City of Hope in Duarte Ca. Although Dr. Fong did not perform my husband’s resection, he was on the Tumor Bd that discussed the treatment plan. We were so lucky to get Dr. Singh to be our surgeon. There is no doubt that his skilled hands worked miracles on my husband, evidenced by the surgical notes that I just received today. Oh my, it was such a complicated surgery but Dr. Singh gave him the benefit of the doubt and performed it. He even repaired an umbilical hernia “since he was already in there”. LOL Even though the margins came back clear, Dr. Singh has ordered 6 months of gem/cis to attack with a “full court press” as he called it. We are so thankful for his team and the whole philosophy of City of Hope…they really do give you hope and every patient is a unique individual. God Bless them all…surgeons, nurses, lab technicians, volunteers, one and all.

    We found Dr. Singh and City of Hope after reading many posts here. Thank you all for sharing your journeys.



    It’s always good to get feedback like this to know that we are making a difference. Thanks for posting this. Together we can make a difference. Take care.



    I just want to thank all that made this forum and keep it running!! I am excited to tell you it works, on Friday Dr. Chapman (my hero) had 2 patients on the transplant floor at Barnes for CC!! One came for a resection and the other was having a transplant!! The common link was both found Dr. Chapman through our site and both had “no HOPE” diagnosis by major cancer centers, both were not from St. Louis, MO. and both have great prognosis and are doing GREAT!!
    CC Survivors, CC fighters and caregivers keep posting and sharing because you will give HOPE to someone!!
    Lots of prayers-Cathy

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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