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    Hi Kris, so sorry for the news but who know what lies around the corner. I know that you will come up with something if they don’t! Could be a good time to visit that godson! You go think, you have earned it.


    I wish I could be writing in the good news section….

    My latest PET scan showed that both the tumor in the liver and in the stomach cavity have both grown. Not a huge growth, but enough for them to decide to stop chemo. Apparently the lymph node is no longer showing signs of cancer. The good news it has not spread further. I have had both Xeloda/Oxilplatin and Gemzar/Cisplatin so I have basically used up the first and second line chemos. It was the junior doctor who gave us the news as the head one was away. She mentioned radio frequency abulation and radiation as possibilities as well as Erbitux and another chemo cocktail. They are still trying to convince the surgeons to rethink my chances at surgery since my liver tumor is quite small and the large tumor has not invaded other organs. They are having a meeting on Thursday to discuss my case.

    I asked if we have moved from trying to cure me to just extending my life. Her response….Chemo for your type of cancer is always considered pallative as it cannot cure it, but we are trying to shrink the tumor for a curative surgery and that is still the goal. I said that I had not given up and if the doctor in charge has, I need to know so I can change doctors. She said NO ONE has given up.

    I am going to disappear for a couple of days to regroup and refocus. It has been a big blow to me and my family. But I have not given up and when I find out what artillery we will be using, I will be ready for another battle.


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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