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    Dear Rick, although I’m so sorry to hear of Leo’s passing, I thank you for letting us know. My sincere condolences to his family.

    Julia x


    Rick….I remember Leo’s postings and am saddened by his passing. I believe him to be the first person, on this board, to have succumbed to this cancer, post transplant. My heart goes out to his family.
    Thanks so much, Rick for sharing this news with us. Although, the news is not what I had wished for, I am always happy to hear from you.
    All my best wishes,


    Rick – Thanks for paying tribute to Leo. Our prayers for his family in their loss. Susan


    Thank you for letting us know about your friend Rick. My condolences go out to Leo’s family and my thoughts are with them as well.



    Rick we thank you for posting this and our prayers go out to the Leo Langheim family. I hope he was one of the guys that met Teddy.


    Some of you may remember Leo Langheim. He posted here a few times throughout the year.

    His story is that he underwent the Mayo protocol and was transplanted on Oct 11, 2009 at the University of Wisconsin (Madison). After about 3 months, there was a recurrance or possible the development of a cancer that was too small to see in workups. Apparently this was never brought under control and took over. The heavy auto-immune drugs that one takes after a transplant probably contributed to this. According to his facebook page, he passed away around November 25.

    My condolences go out to his wife Christi, son Henry, and to all of his family and friends. He was a great guy that I got to know through several common areas.

    He gave it all his best and made all of the right choices, but it just was not meant to be. Rest in peace my friend.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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