Liver regeneration

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    Jeff…as always, we can count on you. Don’t have the answer to your question but, I am hoping to find out the answer to what constitutes an unhealty liver. Glad to see you so energetic.


    Marion, Quick research and your all correct. Yes it will grow back 1-2 weeks and fully regenerate 4-6 weeks. The only mention I got about not growing back ,is if someone has an other wise unhealthy liver or has cirrohsis. Maybe I had a condition I was never told of, do ya think? I do remember being told no by my surgeon for some reason. Oh well!
    Shooting Stars ha!
    Jeff G.


    I was told: It depends on how much had been resected. The information I had been given is: that up to 30% of the liver can be resected and from there re-growths is expected. Now, I don’t know whether it does regrow anatomically the same it does, however it will take on the function of an entire liver.
    I will be sure to ask this question at the next conference of the Society of Surgical Oncology which is coming up this week, in Phoenix. What better place to ask? BTW Lainy, Teddy and Davidh will be attending with me.
    Anyone living in the Phoenix area wanting to meet up at the conference, I would more then welcome it.
    Good luck Jeff, and keep shooting at the stars.


    I have been told that the liver does re-grow. It may not have the same appearance however; the function will be the same as that of the original liver. Just like stem cells are being used to replicate the original.


    Hi Rose May,

    I had a resection in January of 2007 (80% of my liver was removed). My doc told me that the liver can regenerate in as little as 4-6 weeks! Yes, they are very able to see it in the scans.

    I have to tell you something funny…I came to visit my friends at work about 4 weeks after surgery. I was still weak, but had to get out of the house before I went crazy. I was sitting in the break room with everyone, and my friend asked me how I was doing, that I looked good, but a little pale. I was sitting at the table, sweating, weak and wishing I was home so I could lay down. I told him “I’m tired! After all, I’m growing a liver here, you know!” He was on the floor laughing. And still mentions it to this day.

    The only problem I have had is some ongoing pain in my upper abdomen. Part is probably from the nerves that were cut, some is probably from scar tissue, but doc also mentioned that it’s possible that my liver has grown to fill the space that was available, so it may be pressing on some of my organs in a funny way.

    But, my lab tests all look good so far, so I try to work with the pain and I don’t worry about it too much.

    Good luck to you. I am so glad you found us!




    Hi Rose May

    i underwent a resection in November 08, removed almost 60% of my liver and my surgeon advised it would be back to its normal size by Christmas. Apparently up to 75%-80% of the liver can be removed and it will regenerate.

    I did not feel any effects during the regeneration process and haven’t had any problems with liver function since, just a recurrence in other areas.



    My liver regenerated. My doctor said it was visable in the first scan after the resection. The bad news for me is that despite that it grew back, I have never had “good” numbers on liver function tests since the surgery.



    I am fascinated by the idea that our livers will regenerate themselves after a resection. I looked it up online and saw that we can grow a new liver in as little as three months. Is this really true?

    When you have a liver resection, do they watch for regeneration in the follow-up tests? Has anyone here experienced regeneration of their livers?

    I guess I squeeze a little bit of hope out of this idea but it seems too good to be true somehow…..

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