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    Thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement. You’re right we don’t have an expiration date on our feet. This is all so new and so unreal to me. Your posts are truly helping and finally I think that maybe I can get a few hours of sleep. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. Love never ends.



    Ashley, Congrats on your mom’s results. That’s wonderful and encouraging news! Can you tell me what worked for your mom ? I too am afraid of losing my best friend…Thanks!


    While there are no statistics about how this CC progresses and who or when or what time anyone has, there are statistics about an attitude of gratitude and how much happier your days are (regardless of how many are left) and the memories that you create and leave and the value of a life well spent. As hard as this disease is, adopt that attitude of gratitude, come often, talk with us, share the ups and the downs and know that we will be here. We care. The most unsettling part of this process is the unknown, but Josh Groban sings, isn’t faith believing what can’t be seen? Sorry that you have to go through this, but hold the lessons close and your loved ones closer. Blessings, Susan


    Yea Harmony, You said it like it is! That is an awesome statement from beginning to end. I loved the no expiration date on the bottom of our feet…not on mine either. I also think as individuals we control our thoughts (power of positive thinking) and by following the Dr orders within reason, knowing our bodies, and support of our family.

    Each day is a “new” day and we can start it with a positive attitude and enjoy the life given to us or we can all put on “vinegar” faces and show our sour attitudes.


    Hi Ashley:

    I too am a stage 4 survivor. Guess what – your mom is a survivor too. My oncologist’s office has always said that every day you wake up you’re a survivor, no matter where you are in treatment. I was diagnosed in Sept 2009 and am still here. My cc is in the liver (1 tumor) and some lymph node involvement. While cc is unpredictable, your mom’s response sounds a lot like mine, in that every chemo I’ve tried has had some pretty impressive response. I’ve been on gem/cis, FOLFOX and will be now switching over to FOLFIRI for awhile, mostly because the chemos have demolished my platelets and my body needs a bit of a break.

    I know this might sound like such a cliche, but truly, your mom could get hit by a truck tomorrow and the cancer wouldn’t have made a difference. That’s how I live my life. I’m doing great even with the chemo, but I could fall down my stairs tomorrow and break my neck. Life is just unpredictable that way. What’s important is no matter if your mom has cancer or not, both of you live life to the fullest. There are so many potential treatments for cc and new combos and medicines are being evaluated all the time, so people are living longer with this disease. Forget the statistics – not only are they from years ago, but they don’t take into account the individual.

    We don’t have an expiration date on the bottom of our feet, so love as much as you can for every day you can. Please stay in touch with the “club;” we’re a great support group and this board is a WEALTH of information.


    Hi Ashley,

    Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us, but I am glad that you have joined us. And it is great to hear that your mum is having success with her chemo so far and long may this continue. I will keep my fingers crossed that your mums MRI in December shows further success.

    I am sure that others will be along soon that will be able to share with you their experiences of chemo. My dad never had chemo so I can’t talk about his experiences with that, he had PDT as his treatment. I know what you mean about hating the unknown and what the future may or may not hold, we all feel like that. But what I would say to you is please try and focus on the now and being there for your mum right now. And keep coming back here as we will all be here for you.

    My best wishes to you and your mum,



    Dearest Ashley, welcome to our wonderful family. Congratulations to your Mother, what a great outcome so far and wishing her the best. One of the hardest things about CC is we really don’t have valid statistics on who and when and what or how much time. I would sugget reading up as much as you can on CC and also our older Posts which are full of information. You will then become your “best friend’s” best advocate. To be knowledgable is to be fore armed. Where are you located and where is Mom being treated? Please don’t be a stranger to us as we really care and come often to rant, advise or ask questions. Welcome!


    My mother, who is 46 was diagnosed with CC in August. She was told that it was stage 4, terminal. She had a total of over 10 tumors, the largest (9.6cm x 9.4cm). She has been receiving chemo (1x a week for 3 weeks/1 week off) since August and has had one CT scan about a month and a half ago. The results came back with “great” news. The largest tumor had shrunk 50% and some of the others had shrunk so much that they didnt even show up on the scan. She still had between 5-6 and will get an MRI in the 2nd week of December. She was originally told that transplant was not an option and maybe not even a resection because of the where the cancer was located. It has spread to her lympnodes, but no where further. I was hoping that someone had a similar story and what their outcome was/is. I hate the unknown of whether or not she will survive this and how long do I have left with her. I can’t lose my best friend.

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