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    Kris, excellent news about Mark and a wedding to top it all off? How wonderful. I know it will be a lot more on your mind and things to do but it really is welcoming good news! Congratulations on everything!


    Met for the second time on Friday with Radiation Oncologist. Really like the new one as she was really up front without being downer negative. She had the records from his previous radiation and was able to show us exactly what the concerns were….his spine mostly along with is small intestines. It made sense to me. She also said that they might do a shorter amount of time or a slightly weaker dosage. I liked her attitude much better and she didn’t discount my knowledge.

    Went in and did the “trial” run and did the mapping for it. They were able to use some of his old tattoos from his previous radiation so he won’t have to get all new ones. The radiation techs had seen the pics and wondered if he still had the Star Wars belt buckle he had been wearing in 1977 when he had his first radiation. He said yes they came home and found it. He plans on wearing it for radiation this time since it must have been good luck last time. It cracked everyone up that he still had it.

    It will 7-10 days before we know for sure then have the port placed so will be two weeks or so until we start.

    And in other news, my daughter who is living with us is getting married April 5th. So in among all of Mark’s stuff I am helping plan a wedding which also means I will have to buy a dress. :( Yuck!


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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