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    I also am not sure about which is better. I am a CC survivor due to two liver transplants, both mine were at Barnes-Jewish Hopspital in St. Louis MO. Dr. William Chapman was my transplant doctor, he helped develop the Mayo protocol.
    I have a feeling that both locations are both equal, so what you must consider is where you live. If you are with in hours of one that is very important. The wait can be months, which is considered good. There is also a good chance you will have a “fake liver call” (I had 2) so you will need to always be close to your hospital. If you do not have to relocate that is a major plus.
    Your place on list depends on MELD score, which gives us extra points for cancer (a silver lining). The longer you are on list the more points your doctor will keep applying for. You are also on the list according to blood type. I was on the Bt list at the top. I got my first call 2 weeks after being listed and actually got my “real” transplant 5 months after being listed. I received my second liver with in 14 hours after being listed because I was put on national list. Another interesting fact is both transplants and one fake call were all holiday weekends.
    Good luck and if I can help or you would like to talk please feel free to call (618-567-3247) or email.
    Lots of prayers- Cathy


    My wife and I met with Dr Gores at the Mayo Clinic, (Rochester), and she was considered for a liver transplant before they discovered that the tumor had spread to the portal vein. I found him to be excellent to deal with. He was straight forward, but very caring.

    I know that he mentioned that your blood type is the one thing that determines how quickly you are likely to get a transplant. Type A is normally a bit quicker than type O. (I guess there are more livers available that are type A). I don’t recall any specific comments about B or AB blood types.

    Hopefully that helps.



    The doctor who established the transplant protocol (Dr. Gores) is at the Rochester location. That being said, I’ve read that the transplants come a bit more quickly at the Jacksonville location. I’m not sure why available livers are faster in Florida, or if this is truly even the case. I am merely reporting on what I’ve read. You may want to consider contacting Rochester first and exploring this option with the doctors there – I imagine they would know for certain whether liver availability is greater in Florida than in Minnesota.


    Has anyone, while researching liver transplant options, found major differences between these two Mayo Clinic locations?
    The statistics online show that both are fairly comparable, with liver transplant success statistics.
    Does anyone know if there are better doctors at either location that deal specifically with cholangiocarcinoma and liver transplant?
    Thank you so much for information, in advance.

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