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    Julie, just an FYI. My first DOC who put me on Metformin could not understand it but I was allergic to Metformin and it made me very ill and that is why I am on insulin. Really had nothing to do with my cancer just the way it is. Best of luck on it.


    Gavin, Thank you for reposting that link. I read it again.

    Emad, Well, the horse is already out of the barn….since I have only three more infusions left to go….so even if I started on Metformin right after my trip to Mayo this next week, it would only be in my system for one final round….round 6 of the Gemzar/Cisplatin.

    I can’t look back now and wonder if the Metformin would have helped. Even the first oncologist who mentioned it to me….who said…and I quote, “ALL diabetics should be on Metformin., ” did not put me on Metformin at the time. So, I’m assuming that there is some reason why not.

    Also, if you’re on Metformin, you have to get off of it again for certain tests like scans, so it’s somewhat of an issue. I remember the doctors being very glad I wasn’t on Metformin when I was having diagnostic testing.

    One thing I AM doing, is that after reducing my Losartan Potassium BP med to 1/4th during the blood clot episode, we have put it back up to 1/2 now, due to the finding in mouse studies that Losartan Pot allows chemo to get into the cancer cells better. My BP could stand a small reduction…so it worked out fine. But my original amount was too much.

    Julie T


    Dear Julie,

    you are definatly WAY FAR from being elderly.

    I am sure that your oncologist had a good reason to tell you to wait till after chemo.However, I read somewhere about a study shiwing that diabetic patients that were on Metformin had a better response with chemo and went into remission.

    Like I said, It will be a great opportunity to ask your oncologist at Mayo since Dr. chaiteerakji works for the same hospital.

    I hope you are feeling better tonight and you would sleep like a BABY.



    Emad, Thank you for reminding me about Metformin and CC. I just mentioned this earlier today to a friend of mine who is diabetic and on Metformin as well as insulin. I am currently only on insulin. However, I had read some research that indicated that diabetes may be a risk factor for CC….and it “seems” that diabetics who have been taking Metformin were at much less risk of developing CC.

    My first local oncologist said I (and all diabetics) should be on Metformin period….(as well as the insulin)…though I don’t think he ever said why. However, I did fire that guy and my current oncologist at home here, said that now wasn’t a good time to start Metformin while taking chemo.

    However, I will bring it to the attention of my Mayo oncologist when I meet with him on August 1, just a week from now and again with my GP who would be the one to prescribe and regulate the Metformin for me.

    I was not aware of any concerns over previous cardiac problems…..and I know quite a few folks taking it who have cardiac histories. But I will research that as well before I go up to Mayo. I do know that it isn’t advised in elderly patients and had previously brought that up to my GP who informed me that I was FAR from elderly. :)

    I’ll bring up this subject to the onc, Dr. Domingo, and see what he says about being on Metformin and when it might be safe to start that following chemo. It will undoubtedly require fine tuning the insulin I take.

    And of course, I will report back anything I find out to the board.

    Thanks for the reminder, Emad. I was going to make up a list of things to discuss at Mayo, and I may as well get that list started.

    Julie T.


    As I looked up Dr. Roongruedee Chaiteerakij from Mayo Clinic after seeing her name in the presentation posted by Marion, I stumbled on an interesting drug called Metformin.
    Dr Roon mentioned that this drug, which is used mainly used to treat type 2 diabetes and ovarian cysts, might have a potential capacity in suppressing icc and hcc.

    The more I look up Metformin, the more I notice an international interest in studying this drug for its potential cancer suppressant activity. Some clinical studies are trying to prove that Metformin can help in treating cancers and preventing reoccurrences.

    Julie, I suggest that you ask about this drug when you are visiting Mayo next month since dr Roon is a researcher over there.I read that there is some concerns if the patient has any previous cardiac problems but certainly it will benefit you and this board to inquire about it.


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