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    All off my discussions about treatment in Mexico has been very questionable. These are discussions I had on line at other sites and with my Oncology Nurses who have told me some pretty scary events. They also mentioned that there is less control over trial drugs and aftercare is extremely poor. Most people with cancer go there due to lower cost.; and once they have your money; well lets put it this way you get what you pay for. This is not a personal experience just chit chat that I’ve had with others.


    I understand that the Oasis of Hope was shut down???? It may be back open but I think that was the one that treated Corretta Scott-King????


    Well, they sent me some great materials. A CD which gives a virtual tour and answers questions and a book that was published by the founder and his son – both Dr’s (2004). It explains in depth all the alternative medicine that they use and why. There are a good 10-15 pages at the back with all of the research that their theories are based on, clinical trials, published research, etc.

    When Dr. Hernandez called and spoke with me, he said they had treated cholangio many times and I am just wondering if any one out there has been treated there. Or has done any research of their own on the place.



    A friend of mine gave the name of a place in Mexico, but I don’t think I saved it. I’ll ask him again.

    I’m interested to know what you find out.



    I’ve been researching a couple of places in Mexico. I’ve narrowed things down to one particular place that is of interest to us for Mark. It is called the Oasis of Hope Hospital. I’ve been reading their materials, researching all the different kinds of treatments they do and I’ve spoken to one of their doctors at length. He told me they have treated cholangiocarcinoma many times. Has anyone on this website been there, and can you give me any more information?

    They did tell me that they would put me in contact with some former cholangio patients who have been there. I’m waiting to get that information.

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