Mom had her surgery April 17th, radiation is next.

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    Lola, a big yeah! for your Dad. There is one thing we know and that is there is no reason for pain with all the Meds to try. When a patient is in pain they are using up their healing energy to fight the pain. I hope Mom gets much better now as her energy can concentrate on the healing. Good job!



    I’m glad your dad spoke up and that the change seems to be helping control your mom’s pain.



    My dad called the nurse they swapped out Vicodin for Oxycodone, and seems to be doing the trick for the pain. You’re right, patients should not be in pain and have to speak up.


    Lola : )


    Lola, I agree with the others. Pain control is the most important thing for mom right now.


    Lola…I too believe that your Mom should not be in pain. Sometimes people don’t speak up for fear of being ridiculed by the medical profession however; pain has to be addressed. We have come a long way with pain control; there is no reason for your Mom having to suffer.


    Hi Lola,

    Good news on the surgery. I third what Lainy said about the pain. As a nurse, let them know as she doesn’t need to be in pain and there is much they can do to get on top of it. It is incredibly hard having to be away from your mum. I live 6 -7 hours away from my family and couldn’t always be with my sister when she was hospitalised.

    It is difficult to not worry on the future but get through just now then hatch a plan with the docs and your mom.



    Lola, Great news that your mom is through surgery, but there is some good news there….in that it is an early stage, which usually isn’t the case. Hopefully, radiation will help to kill off the rest. I second what Lainy said about pain control meds. A phone call to the doctor/surgeon by a family member wouldn’t hurt. I sure would do it.

    I’m so glad you were there with your mom though… was a good decision.

    Julie T.


    Dear Lola, sorry to hear Mom is in pain, yet. You might want to call the Nurses station and ask why or if they can increase her meds. Perhaps what she is on is not working for her. I had surgery for another cancer 5 years ago and I said the pain pump was not giving! For 8 hours I insisted I had no relief and asked for the Head Nurse. Guess what? The pump was not working! Comfort is the bottom line. I know it is not easy but try not to worry about what may come. Try to take each day at a time. Wishing Mom the very best and you stay strong!


    Mom had her surgery. They couldn’t get all of the tumor cells out b/c the tumor was located right on top of the three main veins, but they got the most they could. She has early stage. She starts radiation in about a month.

    She’s in a lot of pain. The incision is a long one. I stayed in the hospital with her for 5 days and had to go home. It breaks my heart to hear her in pain over the phone.

    I’m glad she’s alive, but in the back of my mind I’m wondering when/if those remaining cells will proliferate.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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