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    So sorry your mother has this terrible disease, but welcome.

    Scott took marinol to stimulate his appetite. He still lost 40 pounds throughout the year, but he couldn’t eat anything without it. I think it helped mellow him out a bit (I’m a bit tempted to snarf the leftovers, but……… )

    Anyway, I hope things are the very best they can be under the circumstances.

    God Bless,



    Sorry to hear about your mom but don’t give up and definitely get a second opinion. Even if your mom can’t travel, you may be able to send her information to another doctor to get their input.

    My mom was diagnosed last month with similar symptoms – pain on her right side, no appetite and only eating a bite or two of food. They did the same thing – checked her colon etc, found tumors on her liver and eventually decided on cc. The only difference is my mom had no jaundice.

    We got her some Boost which she would drink even though she didn’t want to, (sometimes two a day) to help with the calories she needed. She just started chemo – this was her third week. She is on Tarceva and Gemitabine and actually has eaten more this week and feels better this week than she has since she was diagnosed. However, we are still getting a second opinion next week by sending her records to another place. We just feel that it is important to do so.

    I was where you are just about a month ago. Don’t give up hope.

    Best Wishes,



    I know what you mean about the travel, my Mom was also too weak to go far, what is your location?

    Maybe she can do photodynamic therapy (PDT), which has minimal side effects compared to chemo/radiation and has shown promise and is accepted treatment in Europe, there is an article in Medical Updates, here is the outside link:



    So sorry to hear about your Mom. Definitely, search out more opinions in re: to the further treatments as physicians vary greatly in their approaches of combating this cancer. Gather everything pertaining to her diagnoses, scans, physician


    Hello. My mother started feeling a little nauseated about two weeks ago. Then some pain on her right side. After a couple of days, my dad took her to the ER. They found a blood clot on her lung, then spots on her liver. After finding out the colon was free of cancer, they did and ERCP and found that she had bile duct cancer. Since it was already in her liver, they said that they cannot do surgery or radiation and said that there is no proof that chemo would extend her life. Her appetite is gone and she only eats a bite or two of food, still feels nauseated and pain on her right side. She also has jaundice, which when they did the ERCP, they put a stint in that is supposed to help with the jaundice. The oncologist said there is nothing else they can do for her and will be sending her home from the hospital today. With the symtoms that she already has, we wonder if it is even too late for a second opinion and the travel involved. She has to have pain medication fairly regularly already. The doctor said she has weeks, maybe a few months. We would like to get that second opinion, but not sure if she would be up to it. She’s already tired of hospital stays.

    So, if anyone has experienced a similar diagnosis, I sure would appreciate any input as to what we can expect and what our options may be, if any.

    Thanks, Mark

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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