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    PS My husband knows an interventional radiologist online (from a political chat group) and this guy told him that problems with blood clots in the bile drain tube after a test like that are “not uncommon.” Wish MY docs had known that!


    Wow, you’re going through the mill, Kristin!!! I’m glad there’s nothing dire going on but it must have been SOOO scary!!

    Thinking of you & sending gentle hugs.

    Julia x


    Oh boy, Kristin, you are good. I love your sense of humor. Maybe I am not the only warped one around here!!!


    Thanks you guys! It always perks me up to come here. The drain has actually been behaving better for the last couple weeks– I only have to change the dressing every 2 days now (knock wood!!) not 6 times a day, like before. AND a couple of nights I’ve actually been able to sleep on my tummy for an hour or two. Heaven!!

    Lainy, as for the white and blue, the hospital blankets and sheets were nice and white, and I felt pretty blue about missing the July 4 fireworks– couldn’t see them from my room, because it faced the wrong direction!

    Hugs to all,



    Hi Kristin,

    Sorry to hear that you are having yet more trouble with this drain, but thank you for posting this as it could help others at some point. I hope you are feeling a bit better now and that things imrpove for you very soon.

    Best wishes,



    That drain of yours could be in the running for most difficult drain in cc history. I cant imagine the panic when your saw blood.

    Hang in there girl something has got to improve soon,



    Hi Kristin,
    Glad to know you are alright. Thanks for the info. Hope you are feeling o.k. now.


    Good Lainy! Love your humor.

    Glad things worked out Kristin. Absolutely thanks for the info. to that someone else might be able to use if they find they’re in the same situation.

    Linda Z.


    Wow Kristin! Another adventure you didn’t want or need, but I am glad it all turned out OK . Hopefully things will settle down some for you now.

    Take care,


    You are super woman! Not sure what I would have done. Probably called the doc after I woke up from passing out!!! Good it was fixable.
    So, that was the red….what did you do for the white and blue???? (4th weekend)


    I hope you all had a nicer July 4 weekend than I did!

    Saturday afternoon I was about to take a shower, took off my clothes, and discovered that my bile tube and bag were filled with BLOOD. Eeeeeeekkkk!!!

    So I ended up spending the whole night in the ER of the hospital where I’d gotten the drain, then was admitted to the hospital and pumped full of antibiotics for 3 days.

    They finally concluded that the problem was caused by the procedure I’d had on Friday. They had checked the drain by shooting it full of radioactive-something (I’d already had that done twice with no problems) and the doc then said that since the drain was working fine they weren’t going to change it– well, during that procedure, the internal tube slipped just a bit, one of the holes in the tube lined up with a blood vessel in my liver, and the radioactive-stuff got into it and caused clots. So, not an infection, and nothing dire.

    I’m posting this not to get sympathy, but so that if this happens to someone else (I really hope not!!) you won’t panic, and will have something to suggest to the doctors. Doctors I’ve dealt with have been surprisingly receptive to info that I’ve heard on these boards about other patients’ experiences, probably because the docs see so few cases of this cancer firsthand.

    Best wishes to everyone,


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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