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    Patty….I too am sorry to hear of the CA 19-9 upward trend. The good news is that you are feeling so well. Patty, while you are awaiting for a referral to USC for surgery consult, you might want to also integrate a visit with the oncologist for an additional opinion re: molecularly targeted therapies. Please, keep us posted.


    I’m so sorry the chemo hasn’t worked too great.
    What all drugs have you tried?


    Patti –
    So sorry that the news was to great and I am glad you are getting a second opinion, those are always good to get. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get good news from the second opinion.
    I will say quality of life is always important. And who knows why chemo works for some people and not for others. It’s the same question as why some people have bad side effects and some people have none.
    Try to keep positive thoughts and we are here if you need anything.




    I’m sorry about the bad news you received. Is there a reason why you can’t try another chemo or possibly meet with an interventional radiologist to discuss the different forms of high dose, direct-targeted radiation (I had SBRT)?

    I don’t know your whole history so I apologize if these are treatments you’ve already had. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I’ve had different chemos that didn’t work and then had SBRT in May of this year. It seems to have kept me stable. I am now on chemo again, Paclitaxel, and it has kept me stable – no tumor growth or new tumors – as of my last CT scan 9/4/13. I started Paclitaxel in July and will stay on it until it stops working.

    Stay strong Patti. As I said, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Peace & Hugs,


    So sorry for the news that the chemo isn’t working. I’m glad you’re going to get another opinion for non-chemo treatments to keep you feeling good.


    Sorry to hear your chemo is not working. Quality of life is important, but I am supportive of you going elsewhere for another opinion. Good luck with USC.
    You are in my thoughts.



    Dear Patti, this is all so strange to me. Are you sure CA doesn’t stand for California and 19 is your age?? I AM happy you are getting another opinion on surgery and perhaps you can also ask about another chemo? You never know this could be a good visit and what you are looking for. Sine I don’t know that much about chemo I have a question….why not try another one? I always consider it a good thing when you have other options and you still do. Sending you a ton of hugs!


    My news is not good. My MRI showed new growth. Not huge but my CA-19 is still climbing. Obviously chemo is not working. My doctor said it is amazing that I still have no symptoms of my CC. I feel good off chemo. So we are staying off for a few months. I will see my oncologist every 4 weeks to check my bloodwork. We are focusing now on quality of life, not quantity. I am discouraged when I see how well some of you do on chemo & that it shrinks your tumors! I am happy for you but then I ask “why isn’t it working for me”?
    I am being referred to USC to get a 2nd opinion regarding surgery. We had gone to UCI and was told no surgery.
    I am focusing on one day at a time & enjoying these days of feeling pretty normal.
    Trusting God to be my Great Physician.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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