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    I have done sir-spheres radiation- for liver cancer-so far it has extended my life and given me hope check out for more info


    mixing herbs or viatamins with chemo can be dangerous-make sure you tell your doc


    I talked to my oncologist about Essaic tea and Milk Thistle today. (I bought some at the health food store.) Dr. Bergen said that while I’m on chemo, he’d prefet that I’d not take either one as he’s not sure how it’ll affect the chemo. He did say Milk Thistle has had some good results.

    Dr. Bergen described the chemo process as a substance passing through funnels. You don’t want to gum up the funnels, nor grease the funnels so the chemo passes through too quickly. So during chemo, I don’t take anything unless I pass it by him first.



    I have been drinking Essiac tea for 3 years now. I steep individual cups rather then making a large batch as was recommended by the Chinese herbalist where I first got it. More recently I’ve been ordering off the internet from Canada. Here’s one link that list the primary ingredients and a little history.




    Mark’s naturopath wants him to start essiac as well.


    Has anyone heard of Essaic tea? A friend here in Ouray who is batttling cancer has been drinking it and thinks it is helping. Another friend called me about this tea some time ago. It is a blend of slippery elm bark, burdock root, rhubarb root, and sheep sorrel. A commercial blend is available under the name of Flor-Essence.

    -Caroline Stoufer

    PS Got my port installed last week and my liver enzymes continue to improve.



    Many thanks for your very comprehensive list of supplements. Gives me plenty to research.

    Best wishes



    Hey there everyone,
    I was asked if I’d post what I’m doing as far as alternative therapy goes. I hesitate, because you need to check with your Doctor and/or Naturopath before taking any of the following. Everything truely depends on your own personal treatment plan.

    I’m currently taking Taxol and Carboplatin chemo (which I’m finding out isn’t necessarily the best treatment plan for CC). But with that in mind, this is what my Naturopath has me on:
    1. Milk Thistle: protects the liver (liquid form is best)
    2. Acidophilus + Bifidus: Good bacteria for the digestive tract; replaces those killed by antibiotics and chemo drugs.
    3. Magnesium: deficiency common during carboplatin treatment
    4. Reduced Glutathione: While this is an antioxidant, it has been shown to reduce side effects of carbo without reducing effectiveness of chemo. You do not take it the day you receive chemo or for three days after.
    5. Herbal mixture: Reishi mushroom: immune system, bone marrrow, energy
    Astragalus: immune system, bone marrow, energy
    Ashwaganda: adrenals (stress), bone marrow, energy
    Siberian Ginseng: Adrenals, bone marrow energy
    6. Coriolus Mushroom: Immune Modulating; shown to improve prognosis when combined with chemo in a wide range of cancers
    7. Artemesin: Here is an arcticle written on it:
    8. “TM” (tetrathiomolybdate): Lowers your body copper (you can find out more about it at Life Extension website
    9. Low Dose Naltrexone: (

    At the time my Naturopath (who used to be an Oncologist herself, and is now an Internist as well as a Naturopath), was helping me with Carcinoma of Unknown Primary. I see her again next week, to let her know the new diagnosis of possible CC. So we’ll see what happens.

    Hope the info helps. Also, there is a GREAT website that has been very helpful to us when it comes to questions about all these drugs and such. It’s the Life Extension website at


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