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    Hya all many thanks for your support.
    I know grieving takes a different route for everyone, grief is so painfull no matter who we grieve for we miss them all so dreadfully. I do hope that no matter what route we go we all somehow continue to gain some sort of peace.
    Jeff, I follow your course with so much interest and feel that you are one of our great pioneers with this cc.
    I know it is so hard for you and yours to go through all of the treatments.
    I pass on your story to so many people in the hope that one day there will be some recognition that this dreadfull disease will get the expertise, energy, time, and money spent in research to combat and resolve a cure.
    Let us all live in hope. xxxxxx


    Dear Teresa, My deepest sympathy and prayers are coming your way. It saddens me greatly to hear of your Son’s passing so early in life. It sounds like he was a real ambitous, responsible and fun-loving Son who will be missed dearly I’m sure. God Bless you my Dear. I’m sure the light is shinning it’s brightest.
    Jeff G.


    Dear Teresa,
    I have seen your many posts here about your son and I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss. To lose my mother has been the hardest, most agonizing thing I will ever go through – but then I think about the pain of losing a child and I can’t even imagine it. My daughter is 4 years old and I really could never conceive of anything happening to her. I know you can’t compare one person’s grief to another’s, but the grief of a mother must be one of the most lasting and intense. And your Alan was so young, too. My heart breaks for you and with you. You have shown great strength and courage and I’ll try to take you as my model as I fight my own demons and depression.

    I hope things get better for both of us. You’ve really touched me with Alan’s story.





    Thanks for sharing your son’s story. Our hearts ache with yours.


    I am so sorry to read this story. It sounds as if he was young and full of life. I will be thinking of you.


    Having lost my beloved husband on May 2nd a few days after your son died I can understand your pain and send you my heartfelt sympathies. There are no words that can help lessen your anguish I know but I find some consolation in the fact that my husbands death was pain free and he died at home surrounded by all the people he loved most.
    Like you I still visit this site on a daily basis – I don’t know why; although it is too late for my husband I share in the hopes of those people who are battling cc, that something will be found to deal with this vicious disease.
    Best wishes to you and your family,


    My lovely gentle kind loving son Alan passed away so suddenly on Sunday 30/04/06
    I have not been able to write about this until now but I have been reading everything on this site for some time. I am still so upset. Alan had never smoked, drank alcohol, done any sort of drugs or ever been overweight. He was an extremely slim, fit healthy man. He loved sport of all sort. He did wall climbing, kick boxing, swimming and running. We are a U.K. family and very close. Alan loved to save his money and travel greatly. In January he told me he had saved enough money to travel around the world on his motorbike with his friends. When he was not traveling he would come and see us almost everyday even if it was only to drink our tea and eat our biscuits. He drove articulated lorries. He was still at work in February but was really struggling. I will write more of his history later. However he had never been ill in his whole life and so on the 1/3/06 when he was told he had 6 months to live we were devastated. We had never heard of cholangio carcinoma. Whilst in the hospital awaiting tests he was still concentrating on keeping fit. Suffice to say within 7 weeks he stopped eating and literally starved to death. He asked if he could come home to stay and would I nurse him to the end. He passed away at 3.00 am in his sleep with no pain, and we all miss him so dreadfully. His many friends all visited him constantly and have been so magnificent, in his own words he was rich beyond belief. love and light alan’s mom

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