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    I am so glad your dad is feeling better.



    I think it is common with liver problems and bile build up. We were told it varies with each person the effect it will have. For example, you could have it built up a great amount and no confusion or very little build up a lots of confusion. My dad ended up being hospitalized because he couldn’t remember who we were or his birthday etc. Of course he was feeling so poorly and his billiruben level had shot up too. The doctors hadn’t told us this could happen either. Personally, I believe doctors often treat symptoms that arise not knowing if the person will experience it at all. Which is a good thing to not add medication to the mix it if will not become an issue. It just did with my dad.


    Hi Pam
    That sounds like great news. It must be a relief for you and your sister. I have not heard of the ammonia thing. Is this common ? My mum is now on chemo but no-one has mentioned this…is it part of it ?
    best wishes


    Hi Pam,

    So glad your Dad is able to get his chemo and is doing much better. CC is certainly a rollercoaster ride. Hopefully my Dad will be getting his first cycle of chemo next thursday.

    Best wishes



    My Dad had his second dose of Gemzar yesterday. His oncologist said my dad’s blood work looked great and he could proceed if he wanted to. She has kept him on an antibiotic which, I believe, has helped him to not get an infection. He is doing so much better. His health has leveled off and we are not in “crisis mode” constantly. My sister and I are with him almost around the clock and he has been able to remain at home. He is often very confused about time and dates. He has also developed an obession with keys. He has to lay them all out and go over each one. He does take morphine for pain so that could be causing the odd behavior. He also takes lactalose for amnonia (sp) build up too. Every day is interesting and certainly not boring. I am so glad he is feeling better. Most days are good.

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