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    I am sorry to hear what you are going through right now with your dad. I know exactly what you are going through right now and how you feel as I was going through this with my dad last December. This is such an important time right now and it is difficult, but you are doing an outstanding job in being there for your dad and taking such good care of him and I know how much he will appreciate that. It is tough being the main carer is it not. I was my dads carer through his fight with CC and I am still my mums carer, she has COPD and I have been her carer for about 8 years. But once again let me just say that you are doing everything possible for your dad and what he told you today just shows how much you mean to him.

    Thinking of you and your dad right now.



    Pam, what your Dad said this morning? Take that and keep it as the BEST Memory ever!


    Thank you for the posts. I always feel like you listen! This weekend was difficult for me with all the extra people in charge. But they have left and it is quiet again. I did have a nice talk with my dad this morning. I had to tell him we are changing services and he was actually okay with it. He told me he would have probably died or been a whole lot more miserable if i hadn’t been taking care of him. He has never been one for words so I thought that pretty good for him to be able to express that.

    New Hospice service should be on board by end of day. I’ll post soon. Thank you!

    Lainy, you are a beautiful person! A nest in a recliner and football couldn’t sound nicer.


    Dear Pam, like its not enough to be a Caretaker and not worry about ‘other’ things! We are extremely lucky as our Hospice of the Valley here is phoenomenal! We ask, it comes right away and if it isn’t new it sure looks like it.
    I built Teddy a “nest” in his favorite recliner and so far so good. I have it in the living room and he is all set with TV and Friends. He is still in the bed at night.
    He is eating so little, but pain is under control. He sleeps a lot but manages to stay awake for Football! His mind is still pretty sharp. Slow but sharp. Having lots of dreams and some out of body experiences. To look at him, only his eyes give it away.

    I guess as Caretakers we are sure learing a lot of things ….we really never wanted to know. IU don’t care to be smart on this subject!

    You are doing a wonderful job, your attitude is great and like me, we will hopefully remember only the good things from all this. Take care!



    I know this is such a difficult time but try and hang in there! I’m so sorry you had problems with the bed and the hospice service.

    I think switching may be the best way to handle this problem. I know how hard being a caregiver can be and having to deal with this sort of upheaval doesn’t help!

    I’m sending lots of prayers and hugs to you and your Dad!



    Hi All,

    My Dad slips a little each day. He is currently going through stages. He is very jaundice and confused. He has not additional pain or nausea. Thank goodness! He will sleep for two to three days waking only for bathroom and sips of water or something cold to eat. He won’t be up at all and my sister and I will keep a vigil day and night. Then he will walk down the hall in his boxers scratching his head! Talk about scaring us! He’ll ask what everyone is doing. Then he’ll be awake for most of the day and then go through the same thing again. Other days he is pretty grouchy and demanding. It’s wearing us out.

    Another new development is because he is sleeping so much we ordered a hospital bed. It looked like it was from the 1950s. Metal railings, narrow, and only partly motorized! After he was in it for two days, he was not happy. We called Hospice and we were sure they understood we wanted a proper hospital bed. That’s not what we got! The medical equipment company only wanted to attach a motor to make it go up and down. We told them to take the whole thing away! We have had other issues with this Hospice service, so we are switching on Monday. We picked a bummer one. I was against switching at first, but my family assured me it would be a smooth transition. I am his main caregiver. It has been an up and down weekend for sure. Good thing is my dad doesn’t know any of this and he really won’t care. We just told him a new bed was coming on Monday and that they were closed for the weekend.

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