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    I am so sorry for you and your husband. I am actually sorry for anyone who has to bear going through this experience. Unfortunately, I think the violent episodes of vomiting were the worst thing my husband had to endure. No matter what meds we tried, home remedies, etc we were unable to control it and I felt so helpless watching him. He eventually lost his appetite and he did not eat anything substantial for 7 weeks. His last bite was 1 bite of cranberry salad on Thanksgiving. He passed away 2 days after Christmas. He did not drink for 21 days. The hospice doctors were amazed. His heart was so strong, he made it to Christmas like he said he would. I just wish someone could have received his heart as a donor.

    I miss him …..

    I think my best advice for a family dealing with this is to just let the patient do absolutely whatever he/she wants to. That is the last bit of control they have left.

    Once again, I am sorry for you and your family.


    so sorry to hear about your husband. When my husband was battling cc, he had to be on a TPN bag every night. He didn’t eat for three months, because he vomited everything he took in. I even injected medications into the bag each night and it still didn’t help. This is such a vicious cancer and I am so sorry you are going through this. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


    You are welcome. Just hoping it helps. Keep us posted.

    Wishing for the absolute best


    Dear Marions, thank you so much. I am so sorry that your husband had to go thru also. But I thank you for your help. I will write down the meds and try the no fats rule on these days. Again thank you.


    The nausea and vomiting were the most difficult for us to control when my husband was battling this disease. We tried Prilosec , Kytril and other acid reducers and at times we felt to have found the answer with one or the other, but inadvertently, it would return.

    Before any ingestion of food (


    Thank you everyone. Does anyone know what to do about the nausea? The last few days have been absolute hell for Roger. Today he started vomitting. He started taking Stemetil yesterday, but so far it hasn’t helped. I’ve given him a glass of flat ginger ale, and offered him soda biscuits. Does anyone have any suggestions?


    So sorry to hear about your husband. You must both feel very scared. It is really hard to talk to people, but it’s good if you can. Here of course, you will read, is a good place to vent whatever you can’t get out elsewhere. But if you can pick just a couple of people in your everyday life to share this with, it will help you beyond belief. I wish you both well.


    Thank you Kris, Home Care is starting tomorrow and I think that they have psychologists on staff. I agree about it being hard to talk about to loved ones. When any of our family or friends call I never know what to say. I don’t want to burden them with my grief. So I try to sound upbeat and positive on the phone at all times, when really inside it feels like my heart is breaking.


    I am sure you are doing your best for him and that your husband knows it. I can not stress how much seeing a psychologist has helped me. CC is very scary and sometimes hard to talk about with loved ones. I am sorry you and your family are having this experience.



    Lynda – so sad to hear about your husband; although no two cases are exactly alike, his symptoms sound so similar to Sam’s. Sam took radiation several times to the chest and shoulder area in addition to various pain medications.
    If you need to ask me any specific questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail.
    I’ll be glad to offer whatever advice I can – My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Betty Johnson


    My husband was diagnosed with Cancer 3 weeks ago. We thought he had a torn shoulder muscle. Than a week ago we were told it was CC and that he has 6-8 months to live. It has already spread from his liver to his lung and his shoulder. We went for radiation every day last week, it was supposed to help relieve some of his pain, and that hasn’t happened yet. He doesn’t want to talk and I don’t know what to do for him.

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