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    Lainy, Zinc! Hmmm, I have heard that it is good for you. Thanks for the advice. I will look into it, seems I need all the help I can get. I do take Ester C, Vit E, and my Stress B vitamins with extra C. Usually, some extra pantothenic acid helps a lot when I have swollen glands, but that is in years past. It did help this time when they were so enormous, it brought them down considerably in size, but didn’t get rid of them totally, so I still have a problem, it seems.

    I checked my records and the whole gland problem started after having 4 teeth extracted in mid August. Went to an ENT doctor for them in September, but he thought it was from the extractions and it would get better. That is a long time ago now, so I’m glad I’m getting the ct scan.
    Wishing you good luck with finding effective help for your “other things.”


    Makua, I am so happy to hear your son did well today and hope it continues.
    I also gave up flu shots about 9 years ago. Like you I got sick for months and never had another one. I attribute the fact I do not get colds or flus to Zinc. One a day and if you Google zinc it helps so many things. HA, I just get other things we can’t seem to stop.
    I am anxious to hear the results from your upcoming Scan, best of luck.


    Darla, Thank you so much. Nice to hear someone else has had a problem with the flu shot. (I’m sorry for you, of course) Most people think I’m just imagining it. While I was in the doctors office, my son texted me that he had just completed his first chemo and that it was OK!! So I am quite relieved about that, and am hoping that he doesn’t feel more uncomfortable as the evening progresses. I’m not sure how that works, and if the possible side effects are sudden or take a while to impact a person.

    My doctor is not happy that I have had the swollen glands for so long, a few months now, and so he has ordered blood tests and a ct scan. I have a bunch of cats, and so it could be allergies, I’ve heard that you can develop new allergies over time, but we will see. I do have a post nasal drip from hell! and that could be I have become allergic to my cats!! Heaven forbid. Yes, I am one of those old ladies with a bunch of cats. I made a CT Scan appointment for next week. He called it lymphadenopathy. and I googled that and it can be all sorts of things. At this point he doesn’t think I am infectious, but we will wait till after my blood test and scan to decide about that. I’m hoping I will be able to visit my son when all is said and done. Thank you again for your reply.



    I too hope you are not contagious and will be able to visit your son.

    I have to agree with you on the flu shot situation. I seldom get sick, but did get really sick after the one time I got a flu shot. Absolutely refuse them now no matter what they say.

    Hope the doctor’s appointment goes well and he says you can go visit your son without worrying about compromising him. I too hope that the chemo regime goes well for him.

    Take care.

    Love & Hugs,


    Lainy, Well, I suppose my son is beginning his chemo as I write this. I certainly hope all goes well for him.

    I have a doctor’s appointment today to find out why my glands have been so swollen, the size of walnuts for several months now. We don’t want me to infect my son when his immune system is compromised. I have not been able to visit him so far for that reason. I have actually been sick since I was given the flu shot back in October. I was fine till then. I never had it before, but my doctor told me I must get it this year because “I am old!” We argued and finally I said ok. I am so sorry I did, 2 days later I was sick and have not been well since. I had a month or so in December when I was slightly improved, and was hopeful I was getting better, but then when my son got ill again, it all came back big time. I am hoping it is some kind of personal condition I have, so that I am not infectious and will be able to visit him. So far my visits have been on the phone.
    At least the sun is shining.


    Makua you have already showed your strength. BTW I will be 74 next month and I know you are being very strong, the hardest part is at any age we are or the children are we hate to see our “kids” go through anything!


    Thank you all so much. Porter, I will mention to my DIL to ask for meds to help any side effects. Glad to hear that it is usually tolerated fairly well, and I hope that he is one of those people. I’m glad you were able to do many of your normal daily tasks. I wish he didn’t have to face moving out for his home elevation situation. That is a lot of exertion that will not be good to do during chemo.
    Lainy, thank you so much, I know what you mean about being strong and then paying for it when a problem is over. I used to be like that when I was younger, but now at 81, I’m not sure I will be able to be that way, but I will try.

    Hercules, unfortunately, my son will not be going to Colorado. The doctor there said there was no point in coming since he couldn’t do anything there that could not be done here, closer to home. I just watched Weed 2 with Gupta, and oh my, how angry it made me that our state is so far behind in something that could help so many people. I suppose I should be happy that we can at least get the Marinol.

    Now I must get ready to take my little cat companion to the vet. She also, is on palliative care at 15 years old. She has been my friend for many years, and it is hard to see her failing too. Everything happens at the same time it seems.


    Makua, I am sorry to hear of all your sons difficulties, I did take Marinol for two years, it does help with appetite, Drabinol is one of over 100 cannabinoids, compounds unique to the cannabis plant and the only compound known to medicine to affect the human appetite. While your son is in Colorado he may want to try Cheeba Chews, the CBD/ quad dose will get him settled.It is too bad we are so far behind in most states, good luck, Marinol is available in all states, but not as effective as marijuana, Best wishes for your son, Pat


    What a nightmare you have all been through, Makua. I believe you are much, much stronger than you think. I get through bad stuff by being super strong and then when it is over that’s when I let go! The problem is what happens to us by holding it all in. I went through 5 years of being super woman and now am physically paying for it. Don’t get me wrong I would do it all again just to be with my Sicilian. It’s just not good to not have another outlet. No one ever told me in my life I would be changing drain sites and etc. but the worst part is watching someone you love more than life be so sick. There is nothing worse. We were very open and talked a lot. I mean even to the point he planned his Memorial with me and we had this unbelievable sense of humor going as well. My goal at the end was to be holding Teddy as he took his journey and I did. Know what? I didn’t even cry then! I was so tired and numb the tears would not come. So don’t worry about that, as your feelings are not measure in tears. If you feel you would like to talk sometime you can email me and I will email you my number. Be strong but take care of yourself also.


    Hi Makua. I am familiar with that chemo regimen. I was on it prior to my resection. U did mention that u do realize everyone tolerate these things differently however this regimen is generally well tolerated. My biggest side effect I would say was fatigue and some nausea. But these were mild and I still maintained a pretty normal functioning life with some extra help with my kids and house chores and things like that. I agree with Lainy . Any first symptoms or side effects that start to appear report to doc right away. There are lots of meds to help with some side effects. I was given steroids and anti nausea meds the day of infusion followed by steroids the next 3 days after infusion to reduce feeling just overall icky. Sometimes I used them sometimes I didn’t. They can make some people a little more hyped up than normal and I was one of those so I would have a hard time sleeping. But best of luck to your son. Keep us posted. Blessings.


    Lainy, Thank you for your prompt reply. As far as the denial is concerned, I have been trying to deny the possibilities of the situation. While other members of the family have all felt he was cured after the massiver surgery 2 years ago. I never felt that way, and always was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am happy for the 2 years he had, but still want him to have more, of course. I am not as surprised as the others seem to be now.

    I have been reading about the adjuvant chemo after surgery, and of course my son was never able to have that because of all the constant bleeds he kept having after he was discharged from JH after the surgery, 2 helicopters and one ambulance transport down to JH. Two of those times he was out, for about 10 days, unconscious on meds while they did procedures. It was touch and go, but he eventually made it and was able to come home. He doesn’t remember very much, about that time, since he was sedated for such long periods each time. However, they said that under the circumstances, his immune system would never tolerate any chemo, radiation or anything of that sort. We are just lucky that Dr. Schulick was there to save him during all those emergencies. Shortly after Jeff finally came home to stay, Dr. S moved to Colorado.

    I Have always felt he should have had the chemo after the surgery, (I realize why they couldn’t do it) but I have been reading here and it seems that it does not always prevent a return of the CC. So maybe that made no difference.

    So here we are now. He is going to start Chemo, and at the same time, they are going to have to find a place to stay while their home is being elevated after Hurricane Sandy. People are being force to elevate or sell. Seems like almost more than they can be expected to endure.
    I blame being unable to live in his home for 6 months after the storm, (so soon after his surgery!!!) for this return of the CC. He worked so hard physically trying to do so many repairs himself. (they had 5 or 6 feet of ocean in their home.) He should have been coming home from work and relaxing, trying to regain his strength and recover from such serious surgery and procedures.

    Now again, he will not be able to relax during another stressful medical procedure!
    Sooo, I am praying that these meds don’t make him feel too ill, and can hopefully give him more time while feeling better. I know if it were me, I would be after that Marinol. I can’t stand nausea.

    Thank you so much for your support, Lainy. I think if I could just cry, I would feel better, but altho I am on the verge, no tears come. I’m not trying to keep it in, it just won’t come out.


    Dear Makua, I am glad your son will be starting his chemo soon. Gem/Cis seems to be the first chemos of choice then if need be one can move up from there. ANYTHING that is happening that should not be happening like nausea and pain needs to be addressed right away as with CC, actually with most diseases, the longer you wait it can really get out of control. With all the Meds out there today there is no need to suffer. Also when you are fighting pain and nausea you are using up valuable strength inside that you really need to fight the CC. I didn’t understand who is in denial but it is not a good place to be. I found that the more open we were the easier it became mentally on all of us. I wish you good luck on the chemo, YEA as it is a step forward.


    Hello all,
    Well, they sent my son home, he was very happy to be discharged last week.
    Now today he went back for his blood test and check up. They say they want to start him on his chemo as soon as this new blood work comes back.

    He says that his stomach is bothering him a good deal of the time. He still vomits occasionally, and has a kind of nauseaus feeling a lot of the time. I told him about the Marinol, but I guess he doesn’t feel bad enough to consider asking for that yet.

    I had asked them to please find out what the meds are that they will be giving him for the chemo. They asked, and they will be giving him Cisplatin and Gemcitabine. Is anyone familiar with those meds??? I think I have seen those names mentioned here.

    I have a doctor’s appointment Thursday, and if the doctor says I am not contagious, I will be able to visit him, but I have had these really swollen glands and severe exhaustion for a few weeks. I think I am improving though. I just don’t want to give him something when he is on chemo, (or every for that matter!)

    I think my exhaustion could be the stress. Soooo, again, does anyone know about the Cisplatin and Gemcitabine combination?? And how much discomfort does it usually give, (I realize people react differently.)

    The oncologist said that it was MILD and shouldn’t cause him too much discomfort. I hope that is true. It really hurts me to hear that his stomach is bothering him so much of the time. This disease is just too dreadful, but of course you all know that.

    It just seems to me that he is getting worse, and is more uncomfortable, more of the time. Hard to stay in some kind of denial.


    My DIL just texted me that my son is being discharged from the hospital. It seems that nothing is being done there now, that can’t be done at home. Of course he is very happy to be coming home. I do not know when they intend to begin the chemo, but I would imagine very soon. At least the sun is shining for him.


    Kris, Lainy, and Marion, well, it seems that things are not going as well as we thought. Jeff will not be going to Colorado. Dr. Schulick got back from his trip and thoroughly examined all my son’s records and images etc. He called my DIL and yes, he remembered her and my son and even mentioned the name my son likes to be called. What a dear man he is. In any case, he said that he would really love to be able to take care of my son out in Colorado, but that it would not be a quick nor easy thing to do, and that anything he could do out there, we could get done here closer to home.

    He had examined all the records thoroughly, and that JH was correct to NOT do a biopsy, and that so far, at this point, everything that was being done was correct. My DIL asked him if we could bring him out and have him do surgery of some kind which might be helpful, and he said ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO ONE SHOULD TOUCH IT AT ALL. No one should try and do any surgery, not even him. NOW, ONLY CHEMO, NOTHING ELSE. She and all of us are at least happy to know that we are on the right path. Yes, he agreed it is very “serious.”
    Sooo, even he has no magic bullet.

    His fungal infection is gone, the meds worked, and Robt. Wood Johnson hosp. has put in the port, so it will be ready for the chemo. they want him to stay a bit longer, and let them administer some additional med, not sure what. I get my info 2nd hand remember.
    Dr. Nissenblatt, (who we wanted to have be his doctor here, but who was taking no new patients,) stopped by about 6 a.m yesterday. he turned on the light and came in and woke my son up, said who he was, but my son was not all that welcoming being still half asleep, so the doctor turned off the light and left. We are all a bit upset at that. We would have hoped that a good conversation and some helpful info could have taken place. We hope he comes back again. Our doctor told my DIL that Dr. N wants another scan done, and we are waiting to see if that is because he hasn’t seen the other one yet or really does want another. I would be very happy if he were to become involved in my son’s case. So we are hoping.

    Sooo, I still don’t know what kind of meds are going to be involved in the chemo. I asked my DIL again to try and find out. My son just wants to come home, he is not a compliant patient. He is one of those people who has never been sick before. I am hoping that his indomitable personality will be helpful in helping him through this chemo.

    Soooo, we all were waiting and hoping that he could go to Colorado and something wonderful and miraculous would take place, and that is not going to happen. We do have confidence in Dr. Schulick, and are very glad to have his opinion, but still we are disappointed.
    I am now wondering how much hope we can place in this chemo. (big sigh)

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