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    What Suzanne says about her cancer center could also be said of the place where I go. The Goshen Center for Cancer Care takes a holistic approach to the treatment of cancer patients. In addition to having traditional treatments, chemo and radiation, alternatives available include the naturopathic care, a dietition, acupunture, chaplains, etc. and they try to plan the appointments so that you minimize trips. I’ve even had the dietition, the chaplain, and the naturopathic specialist come to see me while I was getting chemo in the infusion room. Even when they see me in the halls around the hospital, I am called by my first name. is their website. You can read all about the oncologists there.

    Currently, Indianapolis and Lafayette have the only cancer centers listed in Indiana, but the University of Chicago Hospital is closer to me than either of the sites listed in Indiana. I am very happy with the care I have received locally (about 10 minutes from my home in northern Indiana), especially with Dr. Carol Westbrook. She sent me for evaluation to the radiation oncologist before my first treatment because the current literature at the time was suggesting chemo and radiation during the same period in an agressive attack. Though I was not considered a good candidate for that approach, it was considered. The oncologists have a regular weekly meeting where unusual cases are presented for input from various specialists, and my case has been presented more than once. I feel respected and part of the team deciding on my care. My questions have always been taken seriously, answered carefully, and anyone I take with me to any of my appointments is also respected and given a chance to ask questions.


    Suzanne….thanks for pointing this out. I will make sure to point it out to Stacie and Sara although, they may have already seen your posting.


    Please webmaster, add Winship Cancer institute to the Major Cancer Centers section on the website and also add it to the state of Georgia. If someone new is looking for a facility in Georgia currently *nothing* is listed. Please please urgently add Winship Cancer Institute. I have had amazing care there and they have been doing for me everything that others have been getting at MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, Sloan-Kettering, and Mayo have been offered. That is why I stayed here in Georgia instead of travelling out of state. I fully believe that Winship Cancer Institute is fully capable of handling CC patients. Especially oncologist Dr. John Kauh, and surgical-oncologist Dr. David Kooby. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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