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nearing the end…

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    Hya Serena I wish you peace and love for the future.
    it is a difficult time and I feel we all do what we can with what we have at that moment in time. We all do our very best in this terrible situation. The pain we feel is so intense that it feels as if we would break in half.
    This forum has helped me so much and continues to do so because I feel I can share my experiences with others who are are or have been in the same situation.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family love and light teresa


    It’s always difficult to stay strong in a situation like this… and even then, you ask yourself if you should be strong or show them how much it hurts you because you love them. I watched my grandpa die of thyroid cancer in july, and i felt helpless. then four months later, the three most intense weeks of my life ended with my dad’s death to cc. it is so hard to understand why these things happen, but God will provide you and your family with comfort. I think this message board is a great opportunity to vent… and you should definitely take advantage of it. My prayers are with you and your family and I wish you the best of luck. *much love


    Hello Serena,
    It’s so horrible to watch your loved one die and feel so helpless, I know! I think it’s wonderful that your grandmother is still alert – though nothing is positive in this situation, really, it’s just comforting that you have the extra time to spend with her and talk to her, knowing she can hear you and communicate. You’ve done so much for her and I’m sure she’s told you how proud she is and how much she loves you. I was in the same situation, holding my mother’s hand for hours while her body shut down, and it’s so traumatic but also so important that you’re there for her.

    All I can ever say anymore is – “I wish you peace” – because that’s something I wish for myself and so hard to attain. I wish I had more comfort for you – and for myself. I’m sure I can speak for everyone on this board by saying that you and your family are all in our thoughts and we feel for you.
    – Joyce


    hello everyone

    I’m writing to let you know that it appears my gran is on her last few breaths. The Dr.s have told us to prepare ourselves because my gran’s body is shutting down very quickly. The ascites and edema have virtually disappeared but now it appears there is an obstruction in the draining of the liver and there isn’t anything the Dr.s can do about it. They say its the tumor that is pressing on the existing metal stents so there is nothing that will change that.

    Since Sunday evening she has stopped eating solids. Since Tuesday afternoon she has stopped drinking fluids and as of a few hours ago she has stopped going pee. From the other posts these 3 signs are key indicators that the end is near.

    I’m still having a great deal of time accepting this because (1) She is still so alert! Her body is weak but her mind is strong (2) Its too sudden – she was diagnosed end of March and its only end of April!!!

    I just wanted to post my thoughts…


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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